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Message Subject Aleister Crowley, Aliens, Demons, and 1947
Poster Handle Jonathan97202
Post Content
crowleys works are vital in understanding the power of casting a circle, ritualization, the use of trigger words when spoken properly with breathe and full use of vocal chords can change the mental perception of those in the circle.

some of his works are like a crash course of 1200 years of some of the oldest majicks, and he meshed them all together into his own manifestation which frankly blew the door wide open for any modern practitioner of all things noetic since.

The lesson with Crowley isn't in the spells he cast, but instead lie with his frailties, and his desperate search for something that was unattainable,

The lesson being

personal objectivity when utilizing energies beyond 3d comprehension is a catalyst for the law of return

in other words, in the end he destroyed himself because his foundation was cracked.

Almost poetic if you ask me
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