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Message Subject Aleister Crowley, Aliens, Demons, and 1947
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
seriously read some books people.

He is one of the primary influences on why our culture is why it is what it is today.

GLP sucks because you people are just addicted to whatever this drug is.

No one here seems to be actually questioning what they have been told. They really do everything else everyone else does. accept the words not questioning any of it.


Your mind control conditioning is working so well you have no idea its even going on.

the only way to counter the conditioning is to understand how the trauma educed programing works.

PS The girls have it harder then the men in the USA for the type of programing there is, and this is also why most wemon are crazy. you also need to understand you are on drugs of some kind weather its in the water or the air. to help with the conditioning.

Religion was created by men - Napoleon Bonaparte
Religion was created to keep the poor people from killing the rich people - Napoleon Bonaparte.

I want to tell you to wake up but I dont think it would work. GL in life.
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