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***********We all know facebook. So let's send the Illuminati a friend request!***********

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03/04/2011 08:38 PM
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***********We all know facebook. So let's send the Illuminati a friend request!***********
[link to en-gb.facebook.com]

Okay so you've probably already read the hype about the Illuminai being on facebook. But has anybody tried sending a friend request? Page is pretty private, but if they would say yes to "somebody" we could tap in to their gossip on facebook, lol.

Today, the increasingly popular Dark Angel of the Illuminati has 566 friends, but few without significance. Mr. 'Bill Clinton's page turns out to share this dark fiend, presenting today in prominent position No. 6 (of 3,210 friends): [link to www.facebook.com] named pages attached to this horned beast's form include: 'Angus Young' of AC/DC ('Highway to Hell' & 'Hell's Bells'), Arab Sultans and European Lords, Brandenburg, a couple of Rothschilds, a Rockefeller, 'Axel Rose' (Guns n' Roses - 'Appetite for Destruction'), 'Bill Wyman' the Rolling Stone ('Sympathy for the Devil'), 'Bishop Christodoulos'...Turning the pages of the Dark Angel's unhallowed album, even the robed 'Benoit XVI' appears (Pope Benedict - If in doubt, please follow the 'friends' tab on the link above - it's Public Domain).Then we find pages dedicated to the handsome young Romanov, displaying Masonic fervour, a love of Babylon, Polo, and Playboy. Romanov lists the Windsor Royals amongst his friends (and the dashing young Baron von Rothschild), unashamedly displaying his more than interesting business networking connection, 'AS Inner Circle's The Monaco Billionaire Club' ("by invitation of a "trusted member" only, offering private parties in Tel Aviv, and luxury lifestyle advice). [link to www.facebook.com] Monaco, the Beckhams, a Kennedy, Roosevelt in memoriam, film stars, rock stars, the Spanish nobility, Italian, Bavarian, Russian, Masonic Lodges aplenty, 'Don Trump', Abramovich, Oppenheimer... YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP!Amongst these multiplied 'Angel Illuminati' associations we find, directly linked, the PIC (Presidential Inner circle Club), who's members post their informal personal photographs - 'Richard Branson' at a board members' meeting - 'Rudi Giulliani' with his buddies - 'Warren Buffet', 'Bill Clinton', 'Don Trump' and 'Miss California'. Billing itself as the "world's Intimate and Exclusive Private Club offering exceptional acquaintances, unparalleled influence, elite connections". [link to www.facebook.com] link for this is now diverting even as I write. It can be accessed via the 'Angel Illuminati' link above, then 'pages', click: 'see all', then scroll through.)The Angel Illuminati page also registers connection to The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), who's 'Boxes' page promotes Timothy Geithner (75th US Secretary to the Treasury), Angelina Jolie and Michael Chertoff, as they variously address the gathered Council. [link to www.facebook.com] bizarre Illuminati web fans out significantly into multiple occultic and esoteric groups, peppered with witches, warlocks, fetishists and fabulists. The 'Golden Dawn' perhaps encapsulates the darkest collection of Illuminati's gathered be-nighted souls, featuring the devilishly blood-curdling Crowley-esque adherents of antichrist Thelema. Golden Dawn registers association with no less than six Rothschilds. Not least, a mutual connection with the prominent American/French 'David de Rothschild' page, where we find advertised a penchant for gun toting 'IDF women', 'massages', the 'Israel ministry of Foreign Affairs', 'Glenn Beck', 'Sean Hannity'

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