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Message Subject Young boy (of 3 years old) goes to Heaven and comes back to tell "Heaven is For Real
Poster Handle Ajña
Post Content
First of All....if anyone listened to the whole damn interview...the Dad said about 16x (which was kinda annoying LOL) "how could he make this up" SO, the child wasn't told by anyone to repeat anything.

Second!... he was almost 4 years old at the time...described as a black and white child..which means he kinda says things as they are. This child knew 1) the surgeon operating on him 2) The operating room number his was in 3) WHERE his parents were during the operation......AND 4) He even knew about a sister that passed away during his mother's pregnancy...again this kid was almost 4...I don't see parents even being able to discuss a topic like that with a child so young mostly because SOME children don't understand things of that nature and because they were still in a subtle mourning for the loss of their daughter.

These are only things heard from the radio interview. I'm sure the book is packed with more of the child's' experiences.

So disheartening to see how far below reality some people really are. BUT in the coming months, you will see just how REAL this world is going to be...Life is beautiful...open your mind and enjoy it : )


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