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Message Subject Young boy (of 3 years old) goes to Heaven and comes back to tell "Heaven is For Real
Poster Handle MadMikkie
Post Content
y'know - I'm trying to decide whether or not to listen to the video....but what amuses me the most are the cynics out there....is it because we're so jaded that any kind of NDE or miracle becomes impossible? Hmmm.....mind you, I suppose the cynics have been here since forever. Mind you, although I don't think all Believers will end up 'taken up' in the so called 'rapture', I think when it comes down to the who, it will be much like the Left Behind books, leaving those oh so righteous ones who think they're right but aren't, to wonder why they were left behind, and the fakers, etc etc....there will be some big shocks coming to the cynics. At least, thanks to GLP, those cynics will KNOW what has happened. :-D
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