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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Ozark
Post Content

hello everyone
hope you are all well.

i have some info for you all,
seeing as your the most intellegent on this site,

i'm just a lone lurker, and love what you are all doing,

check this site out please,
[link to ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com (secure)]

i dont usually post, but i think its time.

bare with me and please understand,

the body has its own magnetic field,

and every major organ is connected to a chakra,

which in turn is connected to a certain thought pattern,

so if you are thinking wrong an organ will start to fail.

now the solar fields are connected to everyones magnetic field,which runs up and down the body, and slowly the suns magnetic fiels is pulling everybodys field up from their perinium, tail bone, its suposed to travel through balanced chakras, but because of the different realities everyones in , theres going to be some problems, unless you have this info,

now if your thoughts are balanced and pure, then it will pass through each balanced chakra with ease,

if your thought patterns are unpure, then you see the problems people are having around the world today,
and they are becoming more crazy. and will eventually
anxiety will set in and hearts will fail.

so when they say jesus is coming for his bride, amongst other things.
the bride or christ energy, spirit soul, whos location is in the tail bone, will start to rise, as it rises up through the chakra system it balances every chakra until it enters the pineal gland, and thats when everyone loses all their sins so to speak, and has the right thoughts.

everyone on earth will go through this , there is no way around it, this in a nut shell is what the end days are all about, the children are pure, they will be fine, but whos going to look after them, we should all take this moment to ask ourself, individually, from our own hearts, does this sound true to me,

i'm just giving you the heds up.
if only one person understands this, it was worth while me taking time to post,

you all know whats happening on the sun, with no explination,
but do you all know why,

theres nothing to worry about if you know why the suns doing what its doing,

now brothers and sisters its time to understand and pass this infomation to our other brothers and sisters,

the people posting everyday on this site are confused, they just need guidance. its our roll.

cause if you dont know this is the cause, of the weird toughts going through your heads, then its going to cause a lot of problems, in the psyche of people.

may the Creator bless you all.

ps keep up the good work

ps. love you all.......
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24761195

Thanks....being an earth sensitive I believe this....I feel it......
our bodies magnetic fields react to geo/cosmic energies. clear your negative thoughts, everything is unconditional love in it's true essence, and everyone has the capacity to clear themselves and love themselves, first. It is YOUR choice, make the ones with love for yourself and all our brothers and sisters.....
peace peace
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