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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Spittin'Cesium
Post Content
Good work guys - we'll have to keep watching this one!

From the behind data it appears the entire CME is 'forward' facing [link to stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov] you can make out the CME faintly which means it is definitely this side - still need more data.

I know Earths' Magnetic Footprint was just over the Western Limb earlier Today but according to the Protons etc. it appears that we have a Geo-effective Filament/s CME.

I need to just have a smoke a second Folks - be back now : )
 Quoting: Spittin'Cesium

footpoint! :)

People want to think of this as as Earth's "footprint" (because of the relative size 1 /1,ooo,ooo,ooo the size of the Sun), but this line of thinking is incorrect.
The connection point to the Corona is a "footpoint"

I held back from correcting anyone using inappropriate terminology, as I never wanted to come off as arrogant, but now the internet is becomming corrupted with " Earths Footprint" as opposed to the the footpoint location.
I litterally taught the class in this forum over magnetic reconnection a couple of yrs ago. I believe you can find the information here on this thread, although you will have read it from the beginning; so
try one of the pages within the first couple of months if interested,.

Its alright though..the whole internet is now convoluted with "footprint"and it was my responsibility to correct people a couple of yrs ago to prevent the problem.
The "Point" of connection to the
Solar surface by magnetic field lines from the Earth allow charged particles to flow at speeds nearing the "speed of light" when an eruption of charged particles from the solar surface is directly proportional to a magnetic connection!


Point of connnection..

Using our three-dimensional MHD code we have studied the dynamic evolution of a non-symmetric magnetotail configuration, initiated by the sudden occurrence of (anomalous) resistivity. The initial configuration included variations in all three space dimensions, consistent with average tail observations. In addition, it was skewed due to the presence of a net cross-tail magnetic field component ByN with a magnitude as typically observed, so that it lacked commonly assumed mirror symmetries around the midnight meridian and the equatorial planes. The field evolution was found to be very similar to that of a symmetric configuration studied earlier (e.g., Birn and Hones, 1981), indicating plasmoid formation and ejection. The most noticeable new feature in the evolution of the individual field components is a reduction of By on the reconnected dipole-like field lines earthward from the reconnection region. The topological structure of the magnetic field, however, defined by the field line connections, shows remarkable differences from the symmetric case, consistent with conclusions by Hughes and Sibeck (1987) and Birn et al. (1989). The plasmoid, which is a magnetically separate entity in the symmetric case, becomes “open”, connected initially with the Earth, but getting gradually connected with the interplanetary field, as reconnection of lobe field lines proceeds from the midnight region to the flanks of the tail. The separation of the plasmoid from the Earth is thus found to take a finite amount of time. When the plasmoid begins to separate from the Earth, a filamentary structure of field connections develops, not present in the spatial variation of the fields; this confirms predictions by Birn et al. (1989). A localization of the electric field parallel to the magnetic field is found consistent with conclusions on general magnetic reconnection (Schindler et al., 1988a,b; Hesse and Schindler, 1988). The effect of E∥, integrated along field lines, is found to be maximal on field lines near the plasma sheet/lobe interface. The “footprints” of these regions at the near-Earth boundary show a clottiness, reflecting the filamentary structure of the field connections, but not present in the spatial structure of the field itself.

[link to www.agu.org]
 Quoting: ;) 22115056

Thank you for that : )
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