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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * 312 M & 25 X FLARES starting 3-7-2011 (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Spittin'Cesium
Post Content
Here again is that chart showing the peak SS Number for Cycle 24 from SOLEN:

[link to www.solen.info]

I tend to agree with the good doctor about not being a fan of the " official sunspot number", but it is one of many ways to measure solar activity. Notice on the chart how the 10.7 cm radio flux measurement can differ greatly from the SS #.

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

I'd agree with that,as we have seen that SS No. doesn't always equate to activity and I would have thought you define Solar Max as a measure of enhanced Solar Output.

Though the 'Good' Dr. did put out a video last Month that mentioned we had surpassed 2011's Flare Count -

[link to www.youtube.com]

Which means we are still on track : )

Respect to all.
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