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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * 312 M & 25 X FLARES starting 3-7-2011 (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle aaronnoraa
Post Content
Do these really look that similar to each other or r my eyes screwing with me? I cant quote from this device but look at the sun spot rotated lice and then the Mayan smoke image
 Quoting: jusvstn 25435234

Your eyes aren't screwing with you, I see the same thing and have for a while now. It completely amazes me and I don't understand what it means... I am a rational, logical person and any effort I've made to counter-check myself to disprove it as psychological pattern adherence/psychosomatic have failed. Often the detail and movement is staggering.
 Quoting: aaronnoraa 26579616

There was also a link on glp yesterday? that showed a weather/cloud system that looked amazingly similar. And I fully understand that when you manipulate a photo of any kind and merge the mirrored images that you will see something different in it as it becomes more symetrical, but for all three of these natural images to show nearly identical images just amazes me and makes me go hmmmm. I wish i could find the link, but my computer is crapping out on me, and without being able to log in I can't get to my active threads.
 Quoting: jusvistn 28264917

I see these clearly without any mirroring/flipping.. it is consistent with other structural adherence that I have noticed, ie. strong triangular lattice of plasma (often with unexplainable triangular structure *vertically* as well, forming 3-D pyramids on and over the sun's surface) with synchronous structure in out local cloud systems matching that on the sun. It seems to me that the lattice structure/pattern of the energy from the sun in some way directly influences or depicts the organization of our dynamical systems here on earth. If this is true, the implications are downright groundbreaking.
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