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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I really enjoy Dr. L's work,glad you brought this up as I've been a little hesitant. He really puts it together in a nice package of info.
 Quoting: shadasonic

I'm beginning to appreciate his work, and a galactic super wave is inevitable, althoug no one has a clear prediction of when. A hundreds of years from now, tomorrow 1dunno1

So if you do not believe this is a galactic super wave or other, where do believe this "dust" , "fluff" you were referring to above is coming from ???
 Quoting: TS66

Hello 66 : )

With regard the Dust and other Inter-planetary detritus I thought this image of our Sun and its' location in relation to the surrounding Interstellar Clouds of Gasses and other nicenesses that encompass our Sun and Solar System might help [link to www.nasa.gov] <--- We are currently in what is the known as the 'Local Cloud' and have been for around 35-45000 Years(or more)and we are heading toward the 'G-Cloud'(labeled).

Astrophysicists are interested in what the make up of the next Interstellar Cloud we will be traversing is made up from as obviously,this can have obvious possibilities good or bad or indifferent for our own Heliosphere and it's Babies as we wonder through the wondermenthf
 Quoting: SC 14589973

Thank you for that, yes I believe in the article I posted above refers to them as "Cloudlets" (???) Pockets within our own Local (fluff) Clouds.

But I haven't found anything that indicates that we are experiencing anything more than we have for the last (I'll quote you now) 35-40,000 years, or that they have definitively identified a "G" cloud, although they certainly know they exsist. This Local Cloud will be with us for at least another 300,000 years.

What I am trying to understand is the theory that our solar system is currently experiencing an extraordinary "dust or fluff" that is impacting the mechanics of our sun.

Again I believe it is inevitable, but what data supports that it has already arrived ??? And if it has what is it ??
 Quoting: TS66

The figure I quoted above highlighted is not the length of time we have been traversing the 'Local Cloud',I think the figure is in the Hundreds and Thousands as you alluded to.

You are also correct that there is'nt any solid proof that we are in a denser region of the Cloud at present,just a heightened awareness of our place in the Galaxy...though I have been listening to and reading some 'Official(ish)' material that discusses that there is the possibility that we could quite suddenly encounter areas of the L-Cloud that could be troublesome,potentially.

But that main thing I have heard and read is with regard to our possible exit from the Local Cloud we have been in for a Aeon to the next Cloud or 'G-Cloud' as it is known,I posted the image earlier,but I'll post it again for further explanation and in case our lurkers(hello)missed it [link to upload.wikimedia.org] <--- The direction our Sun is traveling in(roughly)is shown on the diagram,we can see that it appears that our Solar System is actually traversing along the very edge of the large Local-Cloud with a portion almost being in what looks like a relative void between the L-Cloud and the G-Cloud.

You would have thought it possible that areas of Interstellar Space like the Ones shown in the diagram Above ^ ^ would have the potential for drastic variations in Charge/Fields and Chemical Compounds that are present and that these over the course of Earths' history and future must have had and will have profound implications for the overall environment of our Solar System/Sun ans respective Planets and their Atmospheres' and hence,any Life that has existed and shall in the future(sorry,excuse my waffling).

I wonder if the last big change caused this Slug to deliberately incorporate Algae Chloroplasts via eating directly into their DNA so that they can synthesize CO2 directly into Sugars meaning that it effectively never has to eat again and can survive via this photo-chemical synthesis process it has actually stolen from Algae!

This is'nt a case of a symbiotic relationship between the Two,it is simply the Slug has somehow learned how to trans-species hybridize itself!

Here I'll post a Image and some clippings about it - Image [link to blogs.ngm.com]

Snipped -

' Sun-Loving Slugs Plants, you arenít so special. Thatís the message from the marine mollusk Elysia chlorotica (above), which not only looks like a leaf but acts like one too. The slug can live on sunlight its entire life, up to a year; all it needs is a little yellow-green algae.

Capturing energy from the sun by photosynthesis is best known as a plant thing. But decades ago marine biologists realized that sea slugs steal cellular bits called chloroplasts from the algae they eat and use them to turn CO2 into sugar'

'Pierce says itís an intriguing evolutionary shortcut: ďMovement of genes between species can make big and rapid changes. Evolution doesnít always need to wait for a mutation" [link to blogs.ngm.com] Totally Incredible!

Excuse my tangent in this comment,It is just something that I feel bolsters the argument that cases of 'Instant Evolution' are possible,imagine if us Humans could do that - We would never,ever need eat again,less' it were just for the experience,as we would gain everything our Bodies require via direct Sunlight and the Air that surrounds us:faints:

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