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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle MissionInvisible
Post Content
No fear here! Just a little anxiety...but that runs with my personality so its fairly common for me. I just wish I could lift the haze that seems to be around me. Its hard to focus or get anything done (and its not because I'm lazy!). I just struggle during some of these changes because it seems like we become so much more aware and thus WAYYY overstimulated at times...do you notice this feeling?
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

Surreal~ness has become a normal state of mind for me, however, virtual discussion and relationships here on line may contribute to that ???

Having face to face relationships have become harder for me, the real world around me seems a little out of focus, and people in my life, just no longer seem to hold my interest.

Just my own observation, and does not necessarily pertain to anyone else. I just know for my own good, I need to break this addiction sooner than later.
 Quoting: TS66

Seems like both of you described the same thing, in a different perspective lol.

I experience the anxiety, hardship of maintaining relationships that offer nothing of meaning to you, feeling zoned out, etc..

I have always been a pretty big gamer and yes the PC can have an effect on you to make you feel disconnected, but in recent years its become much worse, increasingly so the past 72 hours. (And I am off the PC much more now then I was then.)

I do go outside a lot, meditate and try to bring upon myself new revelations, philosophize and conceptualize...I eat right, no Mal-nutrition and I exercise.

Time goes faster it seems now. I am aware of things more often. Overstimulated? Kind of...I have been feeling very similar effects to that of MDMA...weird, but nice.

Then again, maybe TS is right. Too much of this stuff maybe. Could be subconsciously providing ourselves the medium for a self-fulfilled prophecy. Kind of like thinking your sugar pills are narcotics and you feel the effects. They call that schizophrenia you know. Delusions. jerkit
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25154158

I agree. I find it hard to do the daily mundane tasks that seem to mean nothing in the big picture. I have deadlines by February on my job. In the past, I would have everything done, and be ahead of schedule by 3-4 weeks. Now I feel like "so what, it won't even matter". It's like I have to force myself to do these things when I really feel I should be spending that time researching or looking at the events going on around me.

I talk to my husband about everything. I give him solar and environmental updates daily, whether he wants them or not. But like you all said before, I have lost interest in most of my friends' activities. I have no desire to go shopping, and I can't help but wonder why all these people hurrying out on Black Friday are just wasting their time and money on things they don't need. Seems to me most people would rather buy the latest iPhone gadget than be prepared and stock up for 2-3 weeks of food/water. I don't really want to be anywhere near those people when SHTF.

I am glad to have the people and input on this thread. It's one of the few tools I use daily to stay informed and centered.
 Quoting: muse_1111

Its so nice to come on GLP and see others experiencing the same thing...it started last year and every day I've thought the big change would come as things seem to be picking up...its hard to feel like you exist in a completely different reality than everyone else. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season just seems like a joke to me now...making it hard to care about the things I used to care about.

The crowds, the parties, all just seem kind of superficial. I LOVE talking to others and really enjoy meeting new people, but the conversations recently just seem forced and half of the time I feel zoned out because I truly don't care about what we are talking about...luckily I have one or two friends I can talk to about these changes and deep-seeded feelings, but most of the time we just find them online it seems like!

This thread is awesome because if I come here and say I feel wacked-out or off center because of some earth energy, people don't laugh, they are usually experiencing a similar problem!

Much love to everyone on this thread!
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