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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle miabelieves
Post Content
Hi solar family. I must ask did anyone hear William Henry on Coast to Coast with Rob Simone last night??

The Ark of the Covenant, the sun emitting energy?

Much of his work rings truth.

I'm not promoting his book, most of you know I'm not a shill, i'm just saying it is awesome.

It's after the first hour. I can find it on you tube and link it if you like.hf
 Quoting: finley

i dont listen live cause it comes on way to late here
but always catch the video of it the next day and listen to it before bed
i will be listening to this one tonight Finley and will haller at you tomorrow sometime on my thoughts of the program :)
i caught one the other night that i just loved listening to
[link to youtu.be]
the good show part starts at around the 38:00 min mark
 Quoting: NiNzrez

GREAT...we are all going to lose our minds and go crazy....hmmmm I think I am already there. 80)
Very interesting what the cat is saying thanks Nin.
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