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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * 312 M & 25 X FLARES starting 3-7-2011 (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
@ Shada . Some more I've found. Not a NASA link but .... similar to what you are describing.

"Some people can be very sensitive to extremely small changes in electrical fields (indeed, dowsers have been proved to show such sensitivity) and that can cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Then there is the wider area of the changes happening in the earth and what they might alter in the physical and subtle energy bodies, not only of us but of animals and plants.

Then again, there is the whole question of how this is affecting the non-human, non-visible areas of our world and the answers become even harder to see.

In a nutshell, if the Schumann Resonance is changing, by however small a degree, it is bound to have an effect upon you and your environment. Those effects might be small, or they might be much larger. You might be more or less aware of them yourself, but the plain truth is, it is already having an effect!"

[link to www.professional-house-clearing.com]
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