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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * 312 M & 25 X FLARES starting 3-7-2011 (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Hugh M Eye
Post Content
Lookin' for a new desktop background photo? JPL has just released a hi-res composite of a backlit Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft....it's spooky and gorgeous IMO.

Details and explanation of new Cassini Saturn image:

[link to www.ciclops.org]

Hi-res Jpeg image here:

[link to photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov]

JPL Catalog page:

[link to photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov]

 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

Thank Hugh and hellowave

It is a very strange looking image hey!?

It reminds me of the one from a few Months back that a lot of folks were saying looked 'fake' do you remember that image?

I think this is it [link to astrogeology.usgs.gov] very CGI looking(not saying it is for the record).

Be back in a bit,just making dinner for my Friend and I.

Catch you in a Sec.

 Quoting: SC 14589973

Howdy, Brotha Cesium, yes the image from 2006 is my current desktop image, haha. Earth can be seen in that image, and it's referenced and linked (i think) on the ciclops.org link I posted above. It's no simple snapshot to be sure; it's a mosaic of many images and colorized by NASA. The images are real though, not an artist's conception IMO.

There's a wealth of strange and beautiful images and movies at the Cassini website:
Hall of Fame-2006 composite is #2 in slideshow-
[link to saturn.jpl.nasa.gov]

Latest Raw Images (don't let the saucer-tards see this one,haha, there's at least 50 UFO's a week on here!):

[link to saturn.jpl.nasa.gov]
 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

Sorry, last post on Cassini for now...thought y'all might dig this "Churning Psychedelia" movie:

[link to saturn.jpl.nasa.gov]

Pages and pages of Saturn video images:

[link to saturn.jpl.nasa.gov]

I used to watch the Cassini images much more than SOHO. I think this is one of NASA's most successful missions and the Saturn family of rings an' moons is one of the most awesome things in the universe to behold. Now back to waiting for the Sun to make a move, LOL.
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