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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Spittin'Cesium
Post Content
[link to sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov]

That is a huge plasma filament.

Snakin it's way around the coronal hole.
 Quoting: Da fuq

Pretty sure it is actually part of the CH Da'F [link to www.solen.info] .

You can make out the Filaments here [link to halpha.nso.edu] Notice 1660 has a Filament within it.

I posted earlier about the Coronal Tsunami that occurs to the West of the CH560,here is the Movie [link to sdodata.oma.be] .

Edit:There is a Filament(though faint on H alpha)to be seen curling into the CH area here [link to halpha.nso.edu] good one Da Fuqthumbs
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