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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle rawpaul
Post Content
"The space between the atoms in the cells of the body is comparable to the space between stars in the galaxy". I read it around 1995 and was part of my awakening days.
 Quoting: Isis One

fractal science again? : ) -looks like the common denominator between the 'as above so below' frcatals is temperature (gradient)
-with the body -the hottest chakra is the pineal (head) getting cooler down to base chakra, with the exception of the heart chakra(thymus) which as a slight elevated temp.
-in our solar system its obviously same getting colder away from the sun (crown) with exception of slight elevation with earth (heart) due to atmosphere.
-and probably with the axis of which galaxies revolve around (hottest part of galaxy over near leo/virgo cusp where theres an increase number of galaxies)
-but down a fractal to the atom i'm not so sure as dont know enough about atomic physics 1dunno1 but imagine it might get cooler the further away from the nucleus one goes...?
creation seems to obey energetics, thermodynamics ...blink
Thanks Isis, I have been feeding off the energies as of late, they seem to make others sick or cause them pain. I feel like an overcharged battery however.
 Quoting: Da fuq

Cool, but if you ever need to defrag, a nice warm bath with baking soda and sea salt calms and grounds one.
 Quoting: Isis One

or, 'getting ones feet back on the ground' works well too for groiunding...
david wolfe (raw food nutritionist)

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

-effects of earthing and sleep etc
: )
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