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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Isis One
Post Content
This morning covered by a lot speculations about what this morning was a huge flare in the direction of the Earth (some even loaded it pictures from the site of SOHO, and claim that they are then removed).
[link to stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov]
see there was something real or not is not possible - the time interval for pictures Ahead c 01:15 to 6:05 for some reason is missing. Maybe there equipment at this time did not work? Does anyone know anything about this?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32977726

WOW!!! I just got online few minutes ago. I first go to liveearthquakes to see if there was major shakeup today, no, then I check spaceweather.com, again no. This puzzled me because the energy today was so totally high vibration is wasn't even funny.

I have felt snippets of High Freq/vib energy before but it was always ephemeral and fleeting, like it was trying to dock on the planet but couldn't get firm footing. Well, today it docked, not sure for how long but this is more stable/permanent that it has been before.

I have no other word for it than Christ Consciousness (meant metaphysically, not religiously). So, to now read your post that there was possibly something affecting the solar system is VERY interesting to me. I guess I don't need NASA to confirm what happened today. I hope others felt it, but if not, it just means it will register at another time for you.
 Quoting: Isis One

WOW AGAIN!!! Check out the seismograph of volcano in Ecuadar

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