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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle rawpaul
Post Content
The meteorite which exploded and fell in Russia was estimated to be 15 meters in diameter and weigh close to 40 tons. This is about one-third the size of DA14 and the largest object to impact Earth in over 100 years. WOW, that's historic.

Around 1200 people have sought medical attention in Chelyabinsk alone because of the disaster, the region's governor Mikhail Yurevich told RIA Novosti. Over 110 of them have been hospitalized and two of them are in heavy condition. Among the injured there are 159 children, Emergency ministry reported.
Army units found three meteorite debris impact sites, two of which are in an area near Chebarkul Lake, west of Chelyabinsk. The third site was found some 80 kilometers further to the northwest, near the town of Zlatoust. One of the fragments that struck near Chebarkul left a crater six meters in diameter.
Servicemembers from the tank brigade that found the crater have confirmed that background radiation levels at the site are normal.
[link to rt.com]

“At first I saw a huge bright fire up in the skies, and then came a loud explosion that not only shattered the windows, but blew out the window frames,” Taisiya Alabuzhina told RT.
“My heart is still beating 200 heartbeats a minute! … I saw this terrible flash, it was red-orange! My eyes are still hurting,” a witness from Chelyabinsk wrote on a local web forum. “I turned off all the lights, sat the kids on a couch and waited… Oh, my God, I thought the war had begun.
Natalia, another Chelyabinsk resident, also expressed frustration. “Windows were blown out, furniture was jumping, I am shaking now. What do I do? I first grabbed my cat and passport and ran outside, but then was told to come back home, get some water and sit here,” she said, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

More eyewitness accounts and pictures:
[link to rt.com]
 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

wow, that would be so scarry :/
 Quoting: NiNzrez

waterbug posted this on fuku thread-

Meteor strike 60 miles from Russian nukes facility
[link to blogs.knoxnews.com]


According to the report from the Associated Press, the meteor struck 60 miles from the Mayak nuclear facility that contains tons of weapons-grade plutonium.

"The meteor could have produced much more serious problems. Chelyabinsk is an industrial town long held to be one of the world's most polluted areas, and the area around it hosts nuclear and chemical weapons disposal facilities.

....and this
[link to www.bellona.org]
Other sensitive nuclear sites in the area include Lake Karachai - only some 60 kilometers from where the meteorite hit - which Mayak used as a liquid waste dumping facility for decades. Some 120 million curies of radioactivity are concentrated there.

The lake is now desiccated and summer winds carry radioactively contaminated dust particles into the air. An asteroid hit in the lake bed, said Igor Kudrik, an expert on Russia’s nuclear industry with Bellona, could severely exacerbate the amount of radionuclides blown into the atmosphere.

-and this...most toxic place on planet
[link to sometimes-interesting.com]

maybe its Jah's way of getting us to pay attention to the 'slow boiling frog' -i'd imagine fukushima diachhi is overtaking this place by now in the contest tho ...
Jahlove, rp
: )
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