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Message Subject SOLAR WATCH * M2.4 Solar Flare July 14 2017! Earth directed CME (Updated Daily)
Poster Handle Spittin'Cesium
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 Quoting: Isis One



winkNot too bad thank you Isis..a little stressed at all the lying from asshats like Dr.Keith Strong per CO2,but apart from that blown gasket,ok.

 Quoting: Spittin'Cesium

CO2? Cesium, you may like this article then- 20 Year Pause In Rising Temps!-

"The global temperature standstill shows that climate models are diverging from observations," says David Whitehouse of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

"If we have not passed it already, we are on the threshold of global observations becoming incompatible with the consensus theory of climate change," he says.

Whitehouse argues that whatever has happened to make temperatures remain constant requires an explanation because the pause in temperature rise has occurred despite a sharp increase in global carbon emissions.

The Economist says the world has added roughly 100 billion tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere between 2000 and 2010, about one-quarter of all the carbon dioxide put there by humans since 1750. This mismatch between rising greenhouse gas emissions and not-rising temperatures is among the biggest puzzles in climate science just now.

[link to www.theaustralian.com.au]
 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

Yes,I caught the no warming about 7 Years ago!


Assholes hey?

Did you see the data I linked that proved the Core Samples dates that were used for the CO2 'Hockey Stick' were completely fudged and - 'Marcott, Shakun, Clark and Mix did not use the published dates for ocean cores, instead substituting their own dates. The validity of Marcott-Shakun re-dating will be discussed below, but first, to show that the re-dating “matters” (TM-climate science), here is a graph showing reconstructions using alkenones (31 of 73 proxies) in Marcott style, comparing the results with published dates (red) to results with Marcott-Shakun dates (black). As you see, there is a persistent decline in the alkenone reconstruction in the 20th century using published dates, but a 20th century increase using Marcott-Shakun dates. (It is taking all my will power not to make an obvious comment at this point.)' !?
[link to climateaudit.org]

Br0 - here is the true dates + data remodeled [link to climateaudit.files.wordpress.com] The Red line!


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