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Message Subject Three (3) Year Old Visits Heaven...Sees Miscarried Sister and Grandpa Who Died 30 Years Earlier!
Poster Handle Lotus Petal
Post Content
Nobody makes ANYONE read these threads; it's YOUR choice...no need to complain about the threads----just don't read them! End of story.5a
 Quoting: GLP Angel

Exactly. Yet I notice a pattern with certain people that choose to curse anything related to the God of the bible. If they didn't believe, woudln't it be easier to just not go to that thread.
Instead the effort is made to actually make EXTRA EFFORT to write on a topic they don't believe in? I think this hostility is proof. They want to squash any possibility that they may actually have to be accountable and that the words may be true. It speaks volumes. Also the veracity of attack toward Christian themes are especially acute. Why? (Rhetorical question)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1278834

Usually people attack out of fear and what they don't understand. They don't want it to be true and they want other like-minded people to agree with them constantly. Expect more hatred toward God as the end keeps getting closer.
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