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Is the Illuminati Waging War on Whites?

El Quisqueyano
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United States
03/08/2011 01:37 PM
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Is the Illuminati Waging War on Whites?
[link to www.henrymakow.com]


On Feb. 13-14, 1945, less than three mos before VE Day, May 7, Dresden was destroyed by British & American bombers killing 100,000 civilians.

by "Molecule"
for henrymakow.com

[Editor's Note: Although I cannot vouch for many of "Molecule's" historical references, his overall argument is compelling. After all, over 50 million mostly White Christians died in the last world war, yet our attention is almost exclusively focused on the Jewish holocaust. Notice, Hitler conflates the Illuminati bankers, who are mixed blood, with the "Jews," making Jews scapegoats for the bankers. This is because Hitler was Illuminati himself. The Warburg matriarch lived through the war years peacefully in Hamburg. The Illuminati are waging war against against all races (including Jews) and humanity in general.]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1122898
United States
03/08/2011 01:42 PM
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Re: Is the Illuminati Waging War on Whites?
These dicks are waging war on everybody. The US military needs to do something useful for a change and wipe these scumbags out. All those F-14's and fancy ray guns and they can't even take out the real enemy, a few old elite fucks who are running rampant destroying the world and people's lives. The US military are bought-out, pathetic posers who are not protecting the american people from the real enemy..