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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
It is white to grayish white here

new england area

not too close to sea-but watching as events unfold

It has been snowed under for months here-Actually had a frozen septic system a week ago

and a host of other things 'misbehavin'

The skies are rather gloomy today and we have had lots of gray skies and very little sun or blue skies-now and then but the lines start and then the weather takes a nosedive-it will not help

It just makes it worst

We have had several days of rain-most the time-and then freezing temps in the eve...lots of flooding already starting and even hearing about it much further south

I awoke today to a dread type feeling-and the rain loudly pelting the roof-it was raining last night too and most of the day...

My head is feeling massive pressure and barometric shifts I notice readily-my ears feel rather congested-

Generally I do not get HA-but ear tones...those happened strongly last week-this week extreme pressure

It is especially frozen here-I cannot even discern much of the ground from the sky-as it is so white and colorless now.

Edit to include:
Also from March 9th at redondo beach, massive dead fish floating...storms raging all over-and foreshadowing worst ones ahead

[link to articles.latimes.com]
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