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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh and if one does have Potassium Iodide

it would be a good call to take it now

Betadine or tincture of Iodine can be applied to the skin on the forearms and abdomen


it will not stop any and all-

radioactive fallout should be kept to a minimum


and depending on the activity level

respirator masks will help-even a wet clothe when outside-as if one contacts Iodine 131-without any protection-it WILL BE picked up by the thyroid...and children are especially susceptible

I am 100% straight with these facts-

check for yourselves-

I have done plenty understanding radiation and radioactive decay and half lives and LD 50 and so on~

It is bad-and so very very SAD!

The best the people can do now is try and survive, and try and plan for food and water shortages-in the worst ways

I was talking with a hunter-he said I will bag me a deer-great

unless it a chipped deer-and the guy shows up at your door to check freezer-no deer, they rip out their bar code sku reader-RFID deer was ingested by you-

fish....good luck with that...if you can find 'clean fish' from the millions upon millions that have died and will continue to die-(APHIS and USDA plan of poisoning Blackbirds with poison RICE) that USDA did admit to

It was a plan from 2002-I did not hear about it but found the pdf when the birds started to drop as the numbers were too great and some seemed to be dying from Hyposia(lack of oxygen) and some did not have characteristic traits associated with them

Others died seemingly from poisoning-and corEXIT will do that as well-to the environment-but so will POISONED RICE and with a 2002 pdf of their "plan" one can see they are clearly inept to handle their 'responsibilities' without dreaming up nightmare land-that is the best they can do-with all the trillions, men and women the world over have contributed-building societies and creating communities

Some "expert" decided to poison wildlife as millions starve-to build the biggest nuclear reactor in the world and 55 others...on an island prone to earthquakes and tsunamis

to allow corporate whore companies to come in with the worst safety records(BP< Transocean, Halliburton, TEPCO, etc) to command deadly devices

like Cern-to experiment, to cut corners, to act as though this world and all therein is their possession-their own private playground-but they err greatly against the Host of heaven and mock, and dismiss, and denigrate

Pathetic-this is their creme de la creme'?

Their best minds at work-are clearly DISeased

Their sickness is not mine

Their palpable fear is not mine

Their astute ignorance is PROfound

Let them lay in the mire and muck of the swines pen-why was the pig when it proceeds to wallow in it's own excrement???

I have other things to attend to-as they actively strive to attack me, my family, my friends, the world, the people, the creatures, large and small-they have declared war against me-

and all of us it would seem-make no mistake about that!
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