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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Grat thread OP, but, why do you say we have a few more years of denial???
 Quoting: ac 1053923

as the one above this post proves-having one's head in the sand makes some feel warm and fuzzy,

denial is all too common when factors overwhelm

The GOM is not going to be providing much in the way of harvest or edibles...and now we are loading the nuclear fallout and radiation into the Pacific, taking another vast area where many have previously used it for food

that will diminish as well

As the corEXIT and the radiation continue to contaminate the options become even fewer-but so many are absolutely sure 2012 is the end of it all-

the old is ending and the room for the new will be made-

this year is exemplifying that in many ways-we have yet to hit "2012"

the GOM disaster still unfolding 1 yr later

the nuclear disaster worsening and rather appalling how it seems to be going-

this is not a britney oops I did it again kind of thing-

And the title has been pulled from my writings-

"Impacting" would be appropriate as well-as that is the word I had previously used

Incredible times to experience and I am sure it will become even more provocative-

the very mettle of many will melt, and some others, a few proving character and principle above and beyond-found without dross

From the very beginning I have been clear-and some still laughed about their own demise thinking they are adding to mine, they have sought to offend-and have only offended themselves

Pity one would choose such a waste when little time remains-

It WILL get very intense and many will die, and for those seeking to revel in destruction shall get their full measure-

and others will strive to overcome and to even emulate the truth...

suffering hardship shall prove the lot

in all ways

perfected hf

This radiation will bring all kind of woes, and we have yet to see the vast hunger that shall follow much of the collapse of a corrupt system-it shall not go easy, and is not for the faint of heart as it shall be proven

hot would be an understatement-it is going to literally accelerate the imminent changes to all living, best be ready

Take care in all ways

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