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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Magnetosphere??? WATER and FOOD will be critical for many-

sinusoidal flip would maybe serve us well if ELENIN is what it seems-
[link to www2.nict.go.jp]

A massive pole flip might help get us out of it's field-

I am expecting quite a few issues across the globe-because even if we can skate by-the tail is my inner concern-and it is repeatedly clarified "the tail that stings"

and BITTER waters is in all caps for a reason

Sulfur, exiting from the land, is breaking lose all over-and likely will continue to rock many-

for some other info-dealing with DNA...
[link to www.safespaceprotection.com]

a wise supplement right now:
[link to www.health-marketplace.com]

"As a result, we've seen an enormous demand for the supplement potassium iodine to help protect against radiation exposure, and many West Coast suppliers are now completely out of stock.

However, this supplement is not a cure all for radiation-related illnesses, and only protects from thyroid cancer by preventing the thyroid the organ most vulnerable to radiation -- from absorbing radioactive iodine, called iodine-131.

The radioactive isotope Cesium-134 has also been leaking from the Japanese reactors in addition to iodine -131, and there is reason to believe that other radioactive isotopes such as Strontium-90 are leaking into the atmosphere as well." and "chelation and detox protocol outlined below, which is designed to remove heavy metals, toxins and radioactive particles from the body.

This is the same chelation protocol that I prescribe during a Spring Cleanse, and since spring is right around the corner, this is a timely opportunity to be proactive and incorporate these recommendations which will also help protect you from any potential exposure to radiation."
More at link: [link to www.dreliaz.org]
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