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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What happened to the "other guy" 1323696

BTW guy-have you studied much???

Why don't you look up MOX and see how we are supposed to quench that 'fire'

As I have said quite early on in this thread-I hope we could avoid the nuclear option-I do not think we will be able to shy of a "miracle"...and I also stated 35000+ and avoiding the higher number that came through-300000-half a million-Incredible yes, but that is where it is heading-some dying within weeks or months past the event date- Well, a few days back the number was already around the 35000-and truth be told(I tried to go LOW, hoping for the best and prepared for what comes yet)

If you have no empathy for the world and all the people and creatures therein, we are naturally opposed to one another-so why waste time harassing one you do not like-nothing better to do-as you face the last days of your life??? Or are you immortal and have no concerns, outside of mockery.

BTW did you know-
You are already dead and do not even know it-

Watch and see-and the more you attack the sicker you find you are-as you have cursed yourself-turn away from such things while you still can-

As far as MOX-
best read up and see what you find-

I would rather not state what I know as few here want to hear it or even think about it-because I have been around a bit, and seem to have some insight-too bad you did not take advantage of that-regrets suck...In fact, it won't matter what I say-as it will prove itself DEADLY beyond anything most have any idea of-why inform of inevitability that few can process-those who understand and have open eyes and ears will comprehend-and make oneself ready in all ways...

If that enters the system-saying your goodbyes and making your "peace" would be most prudent~

I wish I was joking or trying to role play, oh how I wish-but wishing doesn't make it so-

Hope you can get by on very little-food will be sparser than sparse-and it will worsen and cumulative affects mutate and kill

May the Most High clarify the facts for all who heed the Most High-the rest will do as they have always done-heeding or ignoring as 'they choose'.

May it be revealed according to the will of the Most High, in all ways perfected hf
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