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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

[link to www.youtube.com]

It is going south and going to get much worst-best get all water supplies secured-as this HOT will spread the world over as it is not under control nor is it looking real promising

Well, I will buy some scarves-as the longer this goes on-all will be losing their hair and eyebrows, actually all hair...

Those choosing to go through a groping gauntlet best check the jet streams and where they will be in high altitude-high altitude is much worst for fallout...deep in the earth is the best place to be or under deep water in a protected environment

It is too hot to enter...it is too HOT to fly over...and all that contaminated water will kill and kill...and it is yet to be stopped-and how will they prevent the MOX from getting out???

They best start to focus on that NOW-before it is...

The Island needs to be evacuated IMHO-

They could try to build a moat around the outer perimeter of the island...but they must start now-so if they do have to follow through with the nuclear option to bury it and secure it as much as possible...if the MOX gets out-I cannot even say what will occur-it is so distressing-and with history being what it is-I am feeling quite nauseous even looking at what I am seeing...

Many are observing overhead-

and likely helping to contain some of this-this planet is being ruined by money grubbers-

Some will mock, but ignore the naysayers and believe in the Most High and the power, in the name of Yehoshuah Messhiach, the Christ-


Many are victims of "cognitive dissonance"

As we are criminalized by all kinds of things: seat belts, ill. taxes, smoking, whether your pet has their shots and their vitamins, whether you are innocent or not-they can always figure out a way to harass...while they allow corporate whores to ruin the world-

from monsatan to bayer to BP to TEPCO to Halliburton to Rumsfeld or cheney shooting his friend in the face...and so on

It goes on and on and then they have free mouthpieces-
tool supporting the importance of no second hand smoke-while turning a blind eye to the constant disasters that they apparently never planned for

While every few weeks we have another billion(s) dollar "exercise"

Strangely many have gone live


HAARP???Japan???Not too far of a leap with certain hidden groups trying to be the mafia boss of the world...

Nuclear practice on west coast-golly gee what do ya' know...

and then in May is the new Madrid practice-would it be a no brainer to suggest that something with EQs or volcanoes starts then...

as their "exercises" seem to be just called that but in fact...

Iodine is very important now!!!

Ignore at your own peril-
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