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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Types/Radioactive Decay:

Decay may occur in any of the following three ways:

Alpha Decay: Nucleus emits a helium nuclei (called an Alpha Particle) and gets converted to another nucleus with atomic number lesser by 2 and atomic weight lesser by 4.

Beta Decay: Beta decay could be of two types. Either through emission of an electron or positron (the antiparticle of electron). Electron emission causes an increase in the atomic number by 1, while positron emission causes a decrease in the atomic number by 1.

Gamma Decay: Gamma decay changes the energy level of the nucleus.

I have mentioned Iodine 131

that is the least of our worries

check and research


Tellurium (Te) which decays into Beta and Gamma, about 105 days...is the half life

Plutonium is another real threat-with explosions pushing the stuff into the air...the half life(depends on what type of Plutonium) could be 5 years as a half life for really weak stuff-not the concern with nuclear power PLANTS...so it could be 13 years for half life...or it could be 86 years of a specific Plutonium half life(half as deadly) or about 7000 years, or 30000 years or 380000 years or 76 million years...really depends on what Plutonium the "experts" were "playing" with

We do not have the tech to keep it secure or make it safer

I am sure many avoid my threads-brass tacks, steel whacks, whatever it is tragic but what I have posted can be easily checked and researched...

so what about some other half lifes???

Like Cesium...about 3 or so of those-types

Most think how bad it is, with a half life of 30 years...still dangerous but onky half as deadly...
The Cesium with 30 yr half life...that is the mild cesium...the others: try 285 days or 2(Two) Million Years, thats right kids

2 (TWO) M I L L I O N Y E A R S...and that is the fricking' half life

so see how many can even extrapolate ...and 4 million years out-will it be good/clean??? NO!

It will be "safer"


and another 2 million years-Yeah, great Ann coulter thinks it is good, so we should build a plant in every town

Like the GOM-they ruined it for at least half a century, and so they allow more drilling in the asphalt volcano area with temperate waters slathered in combustible materials and sprayed with CoreXIT that EATS METAL!!!

How about some Americium(Am) and what is the half life??? Depending on the type: about 460 years for a half life, and almost 8000 years and the 'nice one',16 hours, only 16 hours...golly gee

And Iodine 131 nay have a short half life of 8 days, but Iodine 129 is another thing-17.2 million years...

Strontium(Sr): 53 days or 28 years depending on the element

Great idea, swag

and now we have this wonderful metal eating chemical that is a banned pesticide "dispersant" that can consume the radioactive metals at Japanese plant-

When the Georgia Guidestones suggest removing much of the world population many inferred death and destruction, but worst than that, they want to torment and FEED

or why would they seek the torture and suffering of so many by such negligence and disingenuous rhetoric-when ultimately they lie as much as they can and tell the masses how they know better-better???

They know better how to be vile and treacherous...

Look the wrong way or a tail light out-you will pay heavily-they appear to do as they wish and to view men, women, and children as PESTS

or an appetizer

Our blood feeds them-and they cannot get enough-as they deride the public-and deceive en masse

Know them by their fruits

I think about all the other elements that we are meeting-and then I think about the food and water before the GOM and the Pacific were removed as a resource for foods and ecosystems that contribute to LIFE-ALL LIFE

and then I think about CERN and their experiments and I am left in wonder-the depths some will go to play god when they have yet to graduate kindergarten-leaves the world astonished and so shocked few can riposte.

just for some info
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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