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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The coreXIT and the sulphides

the radiation will work together

1/3 of all ships shall be consumed

many planes will fall and lose their bodies

fractured and split

it is to be

and has already been happening

more will see this as it continues

stay inside as much as reasonably possible

wear a mask if you have one

limit dairy and meat

wash hands with soap and water often

take it or leave it-It is prudent advice for those seeking to lesson the effect of deadly particles and radioactive isotopes/decay or dust

Breathe through your nose to avoid inhaling nasties

when outside leave shoes out of the main house area

wash clothes that have contact with outside or lots of dust...

you cannot see the stuff I am warning about-

Discern the truth

I am seeking to help and not slight

I am coarse and I am focused on survival and speaking the words to give heed to-for the masses are shorted by powerful men or those who seem as men but are far removed from compassion for the people on the planet

Do not take this lightly

For whatever reason and how ever they have accomplished these multiple disasters(like their card game and their movies or music) they have unleashed their fix to their perceived slights-


gird up warriors of the rainbow bright light bridge
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