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Message Subject The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
Poster Handle 88bilionapes
Post Content
The Turd is To Thump The Turbine- with any luck!
To stretch the metaphor somewhat,
If we insist on pissing arrogantly on the thing and poking stuff in it ... bits are going to fly off like shrapnel and eventually it may short out if the motor is cheap way before anyone decides to actually launch a big shiny turd directly at it.

If the turd gets there before the bearings go, the oil leaks everywhere and it sets itself on fire or it may just spit its blades into several fatal pieces due to bad manufacturing and design.

The metaphor is simpler I fear, as to what the lesson is that humans refuse to learn.
Its amazing how the entire state of the human world can be embodied in a single often repeated action of one of our nearest genetic cousins.
Ever been to a zoo?
I have to disagree in that its a deep insight though,
more like just a fundamental one.

I Love the use of the basketball as the "sell" in this one.
An absolute classic.
The world is what it is, balding of trees, pockmarked skin and poisonous shit hurled everywhere.

Take care indeed.

But dont forget to dance, even in if its in the shadows.

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