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Message Subject Explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant in Japan and possible meltdown coming.
Poster Handle The Chef
Post Content
Nice post and good information.

The Japanese are not being very honest so far though.

I work for a large energy company and yesterday our engineers were in conference calls and meetings all day trying to help the Japanese come up with a plan to avoid a meltdown. They already knew at that time which was maybe 5am or earlier that the meltdown likely could not be avoided. This was because all the backup generators were damaged and not able to be repaired soon enough. This was from the Tsunami. They also knew at that time that the cooling system was damaged and not working. The initial earthquake damaged the cooling system. They had major leaks and coolant was leaking faster than could be replaced into the system. They also only had battery power. So they knew very early yesterday this was going to happen but have downplayed it all the way.
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