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Message Subject Explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant in Japan and possible meltdown coming.
Poster Handle JWGlantz
Post Content
My brother-in-law just sent me this link regarding the jet stream showing that the high velocity jet stream goes right over the Japanese nuclear plant and then on to the west coast of the USA. He is a retired nuclear scientist and told me to get (the hell) out of northern Calisornia/Southern Oregon ASAP. He has high level professional contacts who are involved with containing the problem in Japan. They called him for advice. He told me it is out of control and only a miracle will keep it from getting worse... much worse. Please know he is a firm believer in the safety of nuclear energy and we have had "discussions" about its safety and need. Good luck to all that read this post.

NOTE- he claims the west coast will be "hit" within 24 hours if the radioactive material gets into the jet stream.

[link to squall.sfsu.edu]
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