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Message Subject Explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant in Japan and possible meltdown coming.
Poster Handle SHR
Post Content
As I understand it the main reactor has already been confirmed after the explosion.

The depths of this disaster are astounding. US Naval assets are in route with search and rescue coupled with supplies. They should be begin to appear on the horizon within 24 hours.
 Quoting: D. Bunker

Well they are saying it's intact still...if true?...then we aren't at worst case yet...but they also admitted that there has been melting of the fuel...and that's not good...and they only admitted it after the tell tale signs were detected and they were basically cornered into the admission.

I feel for them...they have their hands full...I truly hope they don't have a nuclear disaster that outscales the already horrific disaster they are already going through. To avert that...it's a very delicate and dangerous dance as I said...and an extremely complex one under terrible conditions....we could use some cards to fall our way on this one...
 Quoting: SHR

The issue only compounds the search, rescue and human costs that were already obvious. There are other even more disturbing possibilities depending on the number of dead and the aftermath that may entail.
 Quoting: D. Bunker

Yeah it's mess DB...the last they and all of us need...get pounded by a massive earthquake, then tidal waved...and if that's not bad enough?...release poison radioactive spew all over everything there around em....they gotta be thinkin...please make it stop...
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