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Message Subject Illuminati Card Game - Japan Nuclear Disaster - Kinda eerie
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the Nuclear Accident card is already been played

but the Rain of Frogs go look frogs in the food and water and coming down seems like radiation fallout to me

and i don't think meteor strike has been played yet, either

but what with all this talk about a second sun, ELEnin, and other things supposedly incoming towards our solar system or planet

i think those are the last two not played that are disaster cards

there are goal cards, disaster cards, --

Grp. - Group Cards
Plc. - Place (Group)
Per. - Personality (Group)
Res. - Resource (Group)
Plot - Plot Cards
Ass. - Assassination (Plot)
Dis. - Disaster (Plot)
Ill. - Illuminati"

[link to www.sjgames.com]

all very interesting
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