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The Aftershocks

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03/13/2011 02:25 PM
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The Aftershocks
been watching the USGS closely since the japan quake, and I find it odd that there are so many aftershocks in japan ...measuring up to +6 MAG

normally there are small quakes happening around the world...but the last few days all the EQ's are centered around COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN in great frequency & magnitude...yet the MSM is not reporting it at all.

EQ 6 on the richter scale is pretty damaging..no?

there must be atleast 500 japan aftershocks on USGS
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

you think japan is being haarped to shit???


after watching the clip of the MSM saying this was good for the american economy ...makes me wonder??????

ALSO, while the earthquake was happenign the Japanese PM was on the hotseat as the opposition was forcing him to resign for accepting FOREIGN DONATIONS.

we all know who the foreigners are...perhaps they decided to destroy the evidence and distract the attention off of the PM.

Maehara in hot water over foreign donations

[link to news.google.ca]
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