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Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 85237
United States
04/28/2006 12:03 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
It's official, check out the OT site.
Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
04/29/2006 08:51 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Thank you Ac. It is good hear news
from the Hosts.

To me, the Harvest imminent is official
since Jesus message through Mary Clark,
since He is the Chief of Operation Terra and to me makes no difference which channel He uses.

But I still support fully Operation
Terra and love much Lyara.

Phase Three beginning.

Actually, Phase Two did not ended yet
because there was no lifting of the
First and Second Waves yet, but I
believe it will happen soon, during
the return of Sananda.

Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
04/29/2006 08:53 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it

According to a private message I received on April 27, 2006, we are now entering Phase Three of the "op." Those of the first two waves continue to experience an accelerated cleansing of their cellular memory and a natural movement toward 4D consciousness and ways of seeing and experiencing. The Hosts have indicated that our merger with 4D will be just one more small step in a journey of many small steps, and that once we are merged with 4D, some of us will project a physical presence into 3D while sourcing from our 4D consciousness and identities without having to lower our frequency to do that.

I am being personally directed to physcially relocate further inland, and expect things to greatly accelerate on a global basis by September. It is my current understanding that I will come forward again into a more active role for the "op" and I will post contact information once I am settled into my new location. I also expect to re-open the Forums to new or returning members in September and to re-activate my mailing list at that time.

The dates originally given in the Messages for some parts of the process have not been totally accurate, but there is no doubt that the content itself is an accurate description of the process we are going through on a global basis. Phase Three (see "Closing Remarks" in the archived News and Updates section) is all about the preparations for and execution of the evacuation onto the ships just prior to the Pole Shift. The times we have been waiting and preparing for are finally at hand. Watch this site for notices of further developments.

Love and blessings,

[link to www.operationterra.com]
Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
04/29/2006 09:17 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
"Phase Three (see "Closing Remarks" in the archived News and Updates section) is all about the preparations for and execution of the evacuation onto the ships just prior to the Pole Shift."


Not so fast, dear Lyara !

Phase Three begins with the transformation of those who were lifted
by the end of phase two, the First and
Second Waves.

This did not happened yet, but we
know it will happen around the time of
Sananda's return, which He says it
is at hand.

Therefore, Phase Three begins on the

And it will end with the evacuation of
the Third Wave just prior the Pole

But note, there will be a time
period for Phase Three, actually
Phase Three is the Tribulation period
that goes from the comet hit of the
Warning of Garabandal, the BRE,
until AFTER the 3 Days of Darkness
and before the Pole Shift, we don't
know for sure, but probably the
Third Wave will be lifted soon after
the 3 Days of Darkness and will not
be here for the 6 Days of Sunrise West,
rotation desaceleration and stoppage.

This Tribulation period, which
comprises all Phase Three probably
will be one to two years, according
to Jesus to Dr. Mary Jane Even, a
Catholic Seer.

[link to users.skynet.be]

About September, I think that this
time the prediction will not become true
because it will happen before that,
with basys in Jesus' messages.

But everything is possible.
Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
04/30/2006 01:47 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Terrans, listen to what Sananda says
about the Journey to Terra.
Please note that He is talking about
the Three Waves, not just for
First and Second Waves.

The Journey will be more or less
difficult according to past deeds
of the person. Karma to be balanced.
These are the "celular memories" which
the Hosts say that must be cleared
before the Ascension takes place.

But don't worry to much about that,
I know that you have been good boys
and girls he he he.



Marianna, Florida


April 29, 2006

journey – trip, voyage, expedition, ride, drive, flight, passage, crossing, excursion

You are on a journey, beloved, and My skillful hand is leading you. I want you to know that this journey has a happy ending. This journey leads you into My peace everlasting. I want you to remain focused on Me, and travel into all that I have for one submitted to My will. I want you to know that it is My delight to lead you.

There may be certain stops along this journey when I will want to teach you some things, point some things out to you about your journey, and listen to your words of assent to where I am taking you. Yes, you may get a little bored in certain areas. The scenery may not be lovely in certain places. It may be barren and dry. But know that I am always with you. I am with you in the lush, green places, and in the dry and barren places.

This is a journey filled with success – success in what you are learning as the Master teaches you. There may be times when you will learn what I have to teach you with very little effort, and there may be times of struggling. But know, also, beloved, that I am with you throughout both.

I am speaking to you, dear child, about the journey that you are taking with your Beloved. It is a journey that may be filled with excitement – hairpin turns and highs – highs too wonderful to express with words. But there will be times of the doldrums and lows – lows almost to miserable to bear – lows that require determination for you to maintain your stance.

I, as your God, am taking you on a journey. Each person’s journey is exclusive. You cannot look at another’s journey and compare it to your own. You must look at your own journey, be thankful for it, and know that I have planned My best for you. My best will enable you to arrive to your destination prepared for all that I have for you. I am teaching you on this journey about many things. I am patient with you, and I want you to be patient with yourself. I want you thanking Me for the highs and the lows – for the dry and barren as well as the lush and green. I don’t want you glancing at another’s journey with a critical eye and words that would cause despair to that one’s heart. I want you to understand that each child of the living God has a different journey, and I want you to be an encouragement to that one whose journey looks tortuous and difficult.

I have explained a few things to you today about your journey. I hope that you will take these words to heart, knowing that they are spoken to help you see the meaning behind your walk. But I would be remiss, beloved, if I did not tell you what awaits you at the end of this journey. I would be remiss if I did not give you these well-chosen words of love.

I have a plan for you. Something awaits those who follow this plan. This plan is not too complicated. You will see, beloved, that the time you spent on this journey was indeed short, and well worth the effort you put toward following Me. You will see that the wonders that await one who journeys with the Beloved are worth more than anything the world could offer – worth more than any person could ever dream. You will see, dear one, that the journey that you took with Me was but a moment in eternity. So I say to you, much awaits one who journeys with the Beloved – much more than you could ever imagine. I will say this, beloved, and mean it with all of My heart: The end of this earthly journey will enable you to see things clearly and know things most assuredly about your God. You will understand the worth of your journey, and you will forever sing My praises, for you will know that I was with you all along – I was with you in the valleys and on the mountains. I was with you through the trials and the exultations. I was with you then and I am with you now, and you will forever know the certainty of My unwaveringly love, for I took you on a journey replete with My expertise, and you arrived – you arrived ALIVE to live with Me forevermore.

That, beloved, is what this journey is all about. That is what I have planned for one who follows after My heart – the knowledge of My love, My expertise, and the fact that you have eternity to forever sing praises to the One Who holds you dear – dear in His arms of love forevermore!!!
Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
04/30/2006 02:11 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
I have been reading the Urantia Book.

Very good book, it brings much peace
and a larger vistas of the current
Ascension process we are engaged with.

Although the complete text is available
on line, it is better to buy the book,
massive, over 2,000 pages, and cheap.



Page 1


IN THE MINDS of the mortals of Urantia--that being the name of your world--there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity. Human beings are still more confused and uncertain about the relationships of the divine personalities designated by these numerous appellations. Because of this conceptual poverty associated with so much ideational confusion, I have been directed to formulate this introductory statement in explanation of the meanings which should be attached to certain word symbols as they may be hereinafter used in those papers which the Orvonton corps of truth revealers have been authorized to translate into the English language of Urantia.

It is exceedingly difficult to present enlarged concepts and advanced truth, in our endeavor to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception, when we are restricted to the use of a circumscribed language of the realm. But our mandate admonishes us to make every effort to convey our meanings by using the word symbols of the English tongue. We have been instructed to introduce new terms only when the concept to be portrayed finds no terminology in English which can be employed to convey such a new concept partially or even with more or less distortion of meaning.

In the hope of facilitating comprehension and of preventing confusion on the part of every mortal who may peruse these papers, we deem it wise to present in this initial statement an outline of the meanings to be attached to numerous English words which are to be employed in designation of Deity and certain associated concepts of the things, meanings, and values of universal reality.

But in order to formulate this Foreword of definitions and limitations of terminology, it is necessary to anticipate the usage of these terms in the subsequent presentations. This Foreword is not, therefore, a finished statement within itself; it is only a definitive guide designed to assist those who shall read the accompanying papers dealing with Deity and the universe of universes which have been formulated by an Orvonton commission sent to Urantia for this purpose.

Your world, Urantia, is one of many similar inhabited planets which comprise the local universe of Nebadon. This universe, together with similar creations, makes up the superuniverse of Orvonton, from whose capital, Uversa, our commission hails. Orvonton is one of the seven evolutionary superuniverses of time and space which circle the never-beginning, never-ending creation of divine perfection--the central universe of Havona. At the heart of this eternal and central universe is the stationary Isle of Paradise, the geographic center of infinity and the dwelling place of the eternal God.

The seven evolving superuniverses in association with the central and divine universe, we commonly refer to as the grand universe; these are the now organized

Page 2
and inhabited creations. They are all a part of the master universe, which also embraces the uninhabited but mobilizing universes of outer space.



[link to www.urantia.org]
Glowing Eye

User ID: 87462
United Kingdom
04/30/2006 02:24 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Love in light....as all gathers....the timekeepers....the alignment activators....to free the space....


User ID: 81226
United States
04/30/2006 03:45 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it


Holey $hit
User ID: 81226
United States
04/30/2006 04:25 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
I'm guessing that you're into numerology, Ave.

Not sure what to make of this, my last post:

Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..., 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Ave de Prata



(33 votes) 08/14/05
12:11 PM today
3:45 PM


I must say that I find the # of my last post a bit odd, how 'bout you?

Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
05/01/2006 01:11 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Hello Glowing Eye, hello Ahim-sa.

Ahim-sa, I think that there is not
anything special about these nunbers,
about your post # 666 just perhaps
Aleister Crowley is sending hugs to
you :-)

" Numerology " is a corruption of
the true Science, Gematria, that is
the study of numerical values of the
words of Hebrew Alphabet with the aim
of a perfect understanting of the

Another languages have their Gematria

Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
05/01/2006 01:21 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
This Ashtar's message is from 1989
but remains valid since the events
described have not happened yet but
will happen one of these days.

Remember, who will take you from
this place when it will turn into
a Hell, will be the Ashtar Command,
under the command of Lord Sananda
and Lord Michael.

The Hosts of Heaven of Operation Terra
are part of Ashtar fleet.


Evacuation", Chapter 5, Phoenix Journal #5
"From Here to Armageddon: I Am Ashtar"
MON., SEP. 4, 1989


Ashtar to resume, please.


I see no point in changing perfection or rewriting that which is
still accurate. However, since this equipment is not compatible
with that upon which we first wrote this message of evacuation, I
shall share it with you again.

We have millions of ships stationed in the skies above your
planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of your
planet's beginning to tilt on its axis. When this occurs, we have
only a very short time segment in which we can lift you from
the surface before great tidal waves will lash your coastlines.
These waves can be as deep as five miles or more. They will
subsequently cover much of your land masses. Your melting
polar ice caps are contributing greatly to the inequal balance of
the orb itself.

Along with these changes there will be great earthquakes which
will feed from one suture line (fault line) to the next to cause
severe shifting of entire tectonic plates. As these splits and
grindings occur you will have massive volcanic eruptions over
widespread areas of previously dormant cones. In portions
near your nuclear testing grounds you will experience probably
spillage of radioactive material into your atmosphere. You will
also experience radiation leakage from your nuclear power
plants as they are disrupted by land changes. Portions of your
continents will split and sink, and in other areas this will cause
thrusting upward of other masses.

You have had plenty of news about winds, etc. that will accompany
these upheavals. There will be upheavals and earthquakes for
instance, that will not trigger evacuation, so I will speak of
cataclysmic proportions.

We are very experienced in the evacuation of populations of
planets! It would be grand if this were not necessary to be true,
but alas, it is not even all that uncommon for many various
reasons. We will stick to yours and what you might expect.

We expect, and are practiced and prepared to complete the
evacuation of Earth of the souls of Light in some fifteen minutes,
regardless of numbers. Further, we will rescue the souls of Light
first. Not a bad idea to get on that Light List. Our computers are
massive and self updating. Each entity is entered into the system
and all changes, to the minute details, are constantly updated. The
computers are locked onto the coordinates as designated by your
grid ley lines and vortex intersections. At the first indication that
there may be need to evacuate, the computers lock onto the
location of every energy entity instantly, no matter where might
be the location of the human form. Don't concern yourself with
that portion; just make sure you keep the signals attuned on an
ongoing basis.


After the souls of Light have been evacuated, then the children
will ALL be lifted off. The children are considered to be
non-accountable, so they will be evacuated to special ships to be
cared for until they can be reunited with their parents or placed
for indefinite care and tending. We have ones well trained for
the specific task of handling the children and their trauma. Many
may be put into sleep for a period of time to help them overcome
their fear and anxiety. Our computer system is far, far beyond
anything ever used thus far on Earth in this age it can locate
parents of specific children wherever they may be and notify
one another of safety or status.


After the evacuation of the children, the invitation will be
extended to all remaining souls on the planet to join us.
However, this will be for only a very, very short time period,
perhaps another fifteen minutes or so. There is abundant space
for all ones, but because the atmosphere by that elapsed amount
of time will be filled with fire, flying debris, poisonous smoke,
and because the magnetic field of your planet will be disturbed,
we will have to leave your atmosphere very quickly or we, also,
with our craft will perish.



This brings us to the most serious and difficult part of the
evacuation: As mentioned earlier, souls of Light have a higher
vibration frequency than do those who are more closely "tied" to
the Earth and earth concepts and actions.

Well, since our levitation beams, which will be lifting you off
the surface of the planet, are very close to the same thing as your
electrical charges as you recognize them, those of low vibrational
frequency may not be able to withstand the high frequency of the
levitation beams without departing the third-dimensional body. We
will get as close as possible so the beam time span is lessened, but
it must still be from quite a high altitude.

When a beam ship lands in "normal" times to invite ones aboard,
it is customary to land the craft or hover quite close to your
surface. Then our own ones will accompany any entity aboard. It
will not be thusly done at evacuation lift-off. If the soul energy
departs the third-dimensional body, there may be opportunity
for resuscitation and reconnection, or the soul will be released to
be housed in appropriate facilities according to agreement with
God. At any rate, you would not be left to experience the havoc
on your planet surface.

If you do not decide to step into the levitation beams to be lifted
up, you might be one of the few who survive the "cleansing"
and changes. However, during this period of cleansing, there will
be great changes in climate, in land masses, for the poles of the
planet will have a new orientation. This alone will create untold
hardship for the survivors. In some areas of specific location it
may be possible to have guides and assistants return or in some
instances, remain as a support system.


Let me make it very clear as to that which is most detrimental
to a successful lift-off. A child we can render unconscious and
simply attune the harmonics system. An adult of consenting age
must make a choice.



After lift-off you will be taxied by the shuttle (lift-off) craft to
our "mother ships" which are anchored even higher above the
planet. There you will be taken care of, depending upon your
circumstance. Some of you will need medical care, others will
be quite wonderful, but hyperexcited and agitated. Some will be
frantic over family members, etc. We have expert medical staff
who will be there to treat you with highly advanced equipment -
some will simply be placed into a state of sleep until vital signs
regain normal status. You will be fed and housed until such time
as transfer elsewhere is advisable.

Some of you will be taken to cities on other planets to be trained
in advanced technology before being returned to the planet Earth
to start rebuilding. This will all be determined by counseling or
prearrangement. Children will be reunited with parents and
families, etc.

Your wondrously beautiful planet is destined to be a most
beautiful star within the universe. For long she has waited to
take her place of glory. She shall be a beauteous planet of Light.
Here, you can rejoin the remainder of the Universe in brotherly
love and fellowship within the Lighted Brotherhood of Man with
God the Creator.

Do not scoff at these words, people of Earth. We are sent forth
and come willingly and in love of you as our brothers in a great
time of distress. As surely as the sun shines from the east to the
west, so shall these things shortly come to pass. Let us be
prepared, please.


The cataclysms will begin abruptly without warning! Everything
will happen so fast you will not have any time to THINK. THINK


I suggest you do whatever you can to allow us to come into your
sectors without hostility. It appears all probabilites of avoiding
this untoward event are past. We see no changes in magnitude
of perceptions of such proportions that would alter the course
of events. So be it, we will continue to work diligently with that
which we are given.


Let us speak a bit of the administering of this program. As
Commander for this solar system and its various volunteer units
from many areas of space, it is my responsibility to coordinate
efforts of the many fleets as they touch into the mission of
Shan. When these various factions of force are not thus involved,
then, of course, they are self-regulatory and guided under their
own supervision. They only come under the jurisdiction of
the Interplanetary Confederation if they are here on a specific
assignment, correlated to the overall Hierarchal mission to the

Let me assure you that I understand the doubts regarding
credibility--that is a superb success of our dark fragments
causing ridicule and outrageous press. I realize there are ones
out there claiming to be goddesses and rainbow caped freaks of
mammoth personality and ego breakdown. It is for you to look
beyond and into Truth. It is why you of our co-workers must not
be other than professional and credible.

Continue as you are except clean up your attitudes. You will get
nowhere by "JUST BEING". No one of our busy workers needs
another iota of responsibility--tend of yourselves. Quit your silly
games. Who can possibly give credibility to one with purple satin
capes blowing in the wind, purple hair with sage bushes stuck
hither and yon, and chanting unintelligible garbage.


There are many from other places in the cosmos who will come
simply of their own volition and their own purposes. To these,
we merely extend our hospitality and our accord. The exception
to the rule would be any of those who come for reasons that
would be harmful to the planet or its inhabitants. These ones are
carefully policed and, if deviant, are escorted beyond the system
and sent about their other affairs. Those remaining close are
expected to participate if needed and stay completely clear of
interference at any evacuation alert.

There are often replacement fleets who come to relieve others
of their tour of duty. Some of our brothers have been on alert at
Earth station for a very, very long time and are weary and ready
to return to their own homes. There is a continuing turnover of
fleet participation in the many patrol units involved. Those tours
of duty are not of an indefinite nature, but have a set period of
time in which to begin and end, with others of relief coming
to replace and rotate duty stations. Many of the assignments
given to these many volunteer fleets are done on a "need of
circumstance" basis.


Strong representative ground units necessitate the contacts in
keeping with the frequencies of the fleet and its representative.
Thus, one representative will primarily always be in contact
with its own Interstellar Command, even though the crew may
be replaced occasionally, but always by their own members.

There are other earth-based personnel who are representatives
"at large", who may make contact and be at the disposal of any
Command units in the area. For instance, if there is need for
communications in this sector, Dharma would respond instantly.
There would rarely be need of such for all craft would first be
instructed to contact our fleet ship, and thus the sequence of

Remember that each base or unit does at all times, have its
personal craft hovering within its vortex for personal immediate
relaying of messages to or from that unit. This station or
platform never changes, although the persons involved might be
removed temporarily for rest and relaxation, to return later. All of
our signals, beams, and contacts are relayed to our messengers
through the medium of these individual platforms of contact.
Sometimes the terminals are aboard command ships, as in this

In the "atmosphere" (assuming the craft or platform to be
within the atmosphere) there is an identifying beam projection
for identification purposes to those who patrol the flight
paths. The beam projection identifies the particular command
sponsoring the base unit. Because of the crystal communication
center located at this particular location, there is constant action
in your heavens.

If I have need for additional support units for any reason, I can
reach further out for assistance to the Federation and I will be
sent whatever assistance is necessary.


Enough of that. I also feel you know of my devotion to the
Master Teacher and that Earth is going to have to find balance
for survival of a species. To understand the Light Forces you
must understand the evil forces. I do not speak of "good" vs.
"bad", I refer to evil vs. Godness.

For those of you who have twiddled about and have come up
with the notion that there is no such thing as evil, I assure you
that you are incorrect in your assumption.

I am going to do a brief dissertation of evil and its presence,

There are those who come who are not from our allegiance and
who have no part in it. They come as observers and for their own
ends. They are often highly scientific geniuses and their material
to their contacts can be highly impressive--indeed, almost always
is most impressive. However, beware, for it comes with a most
expensive price tag.

They have come for the purpose of collecting data for their own
personal ends and not to give of themselves for the good of the
planet. They care little for your spiritual advancementÑthey care
very little about you one way or another, you represent a curiosity
of primitive life form. These ones are not considered portions of
the "dark forces", which is another allegiance, but are simply a
neutral force when it comes to assistance to earthman in higher
principles and laws contributing to his soul growth.

There are many worlds out there, dear ones, many galaxies with
individual solar systems and within other universes. You will
experience with ones most similar to your species. But the others
travel the pathways among the stars and planets. They are under
universal Law and will not interfere with your transition, although
many will be drawn for the experience.

The so-called DARK FORCES are those of our own galaxy
who are openly opposed to the Brotherhood of Light, its
principles and standards and goals for mankind and the planet
Earth. They would seize the planet if that were a possibility.
They would bring it under control for their own purposes, which
would destroy the freedom of man.

The bands of renegades that patrol the terrestrial realms are
immediately dispatched to their proper level when overtaken in
trespassing activities. The fleets of the heavenly commands are
prompt to transpsort such intruders on their way elsewhere. IT

There are dark forces who are evil in their intent. We maintain
very close surveillance of them. Most have been removed from
the Earth atmosphere, but there will be a great redistribution of
dark energies as this planet shuts down activities, so we have an
enforced truce.

I am most troubled by those ones who seem convinced that there
is no such thing as evil. It seems this reasoning goes along with
the idea that God is somehow dead and that Satan is some kind
of false myth.

Brothers, a rule of thumb: Anything which deliberately hurts
and hinders another individual is evil, and when it is willfully
and maliciously designed to do so, it is even MORE EVIL. WE
of the Federation surround and defend the Earth as much as is
possible, but you have all you need right on board to destroy you
in total. Just as Sananda has a fleet, so does the Satanian empire.
Watch closely as you contact any of these space brothers. A
"positive" man will always quickly identify himself and broadcast
thoughts of Light and goodwill. You will KNOW that this is
God-Lighted man.

A Satanian will not identify himself in a satisfactory manner, or
not at all. He, further, will flee if one directs Light at him and
demands he depart. Never approach a craft until you are sure

Further, you will not be taken by force by either side. It is up to
you to accept or deny. The agreement is usually made on a much
higher dimension than at pick-up point. Refuse to go in the name
of the Light and you will be left alone. It is a Law which is not

I am not going to give you descriptions of craft of which to
beware for as you move close to the transition there are ones
from galaxies far distant from Earth whose ships are quite
different. Most of the Lighted galactic ships are spherical in
shape and easily identified. Most of Hatonn's command of
Pleiades and almost all of my immediate command ships have
brilliant rotating red, green, yellow and white lights. We are
easily identified at night for we station between you and orbiting
stars and planets that we have constant surveillance. Most will
appear no different than a star. We effort at showing our
presence to our Earth-based workers for confirmation of our
presence. We will soon be moving into your visible consciousness.

Go in peace and renew, for we have much to accomplish.

In appreciation and love I salute you, chela.


[link to www.eboards4all.com]
Ave de Prata (OP)
User ID: 2851
05/01/2006 01:48 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
From The Library

[link to www.eboards4all.com]

Posted by grace on March 24, 2006 at

Ishmael The Angel of Ascension through Edwin Courtenay

No. 3. March 2006
Channelled by Edwin Courtenay


I am Ishmael, the Angel of Ascension, and I come forwards in order to
bring message of the nature of ascension to all so that all may
understand exactly what ascension is, so that all may comprehend the
symptoms of the ascension shift and work towards its stabilisation and
encouragement and to aid others as they journey through this process
themselves. Much has been spoken and written about ascension and much
will be spoken and written after my words have long been forgotten.
The conscious awareness of what ascension is has changed as the years
have passed and the consciousness of mankind has opened to comprehend
ascension's true nature and purpose and in time too the consciousness
of man will shift again and they will have a clearer understanding of
this truth. But for today I have been entrusted with these words,
that they may be digested and applied to ascension's nature at this
time and so that people may begin to more fully comprehend what this
process entails, to recognise it and to flow in accordance with its
power and its presence.

Ascension is evolution. It is part of mankind's natural spiritual
growth. It is a process of nature, a process that mankind has been
experiencing from the moment that they were first born, first
incarnated on the Earth. It is the process that leads them to
reunification with the Divine. Reunification with their own divinity,
the "I Am" presence, the seed of the Divine that lies within the heart
of the soul, and reunification with the Divine Source, the source of
all light, love and life. Ascension must not be confused with
enlightenment. Enlightenment is a process of consciousness only,
which can affect the body but which is of itself not of the body.
Enlightenment is a point of personal spiritual realisation which can
enable the individual who experiences it to transcend and control
their bodily needs and functions and give them power over their
environment and the universal laws. Ascension brings qualities of
enlightenment but enlightenment can occur before a person might
naturally experience ascension. It renders the process of ascension
for that person unnecessary but it can predate their point of
ascension. It can occur before they might naturally reach this level
of personal spiritual evolution and is brought on by hard personal
spiritual discipline and attainment. Ascension, when it occurs,
occurs not necessarily because of the spiritual work that has been
done as a precursor to its occurrence, although spiritual work can
catalyse ascension shifts. Ascension occurs when the person is ready,
when it is their time, and this time is agreed by the soul, by the
higher self. It is not dependent upon karma though the decreasing of
karma can be a catalyst to activating ascension. It is not dependent
upon religion or belief, race or creed or social position. It is like
an act of nature. It is dependent upon the season of the soul. It
does not always transpire that the soul is old or approaching the
completion of its cycle of incarnation. It is more dependent upon the
quality of experience that the soul has accrued. These experiences
create for the soul a foundation of consciousness that enables
ascension to occur without damaging the soul, but that foundation can
be achieved in young or mature souls as much as it can be achieved in
the old soul.

Imagine then a tree devoid of leaf or bud or bloom. It journeys
through winter in a dormant state waiting for the spurt of life force
to spur it into growth. Each tree is unique, different to the other.
They will of course respond to light and water and to the rising
energy of the earth as winter gives way to spring but each one will
burst into bloom at a slightly different time, some seemingly
premature and others late. This is like the process of ascension but
the process is stretched out over millennia rather than days and
therefore some may ascend hundreds of years before others and others
may ascend hundreds of years later, dependent upon the season of their
soul and dependent upon the work that they might do to catalyse the
ascension shift. Although ascension will come to each and every
person in time, there are certain things that can be done to catalyse,
to speed the ascension process into being and to stabilise or
harmonise the ascension process when it comes. The same spiritual
application that often creates enlightenment in some can be used to
speed the process of ascension into occurring. The adoption of a
spiritual discipline, be it meditation or the recitation of mantras,
be it Tai Chi or Chi Kung, be it Transcendental Meditation or Buddhist
rhythmic breathing, as long as it is done with earnestness, as long as
it is done with passion, can contribute towards ascension. Feeding
the consciousness with philosophical, theological, theosophical and
spiritual truth, working on opening the heart to higher levels of
compassion and love, working to clear the karma and cleanse the energy
system of impurity and impediment of flow, working towards being a
better person, non-judgemental, unconditional and loving, forgiving in
their nature, all of these things can contribute towards the ascension
shift. Of course if the soul feels, for whatever reason, that the
person is not ready to experience this move then it will hold them
back but if the soul feels that they are ready, that they have shown
themselves to be worthy and indeed done all the necessary preparations
that will allow them to begin their ascension and not be harmed, then
the ascension process will be triggered. But, as I have said, with
some ascension will occur with no preparation, with no conscious
awareness of spiritual reality or truth. If it is the right season
for the soul to express more of its light on Earth then it will
descend and the ascension process will begin.

The ascension process has many different phases and occurs differently
for each person. For some the ascension process is very physical. It
is about changes occurring within the physical and energetic structure
of the body. They will experience the growth of new energy centres.
Their meridian systems will be rewired. The integrity of their subtle
forms improved, restructured. The auric field dynamically changed.
Their assemblage point will be shifted within the energy cocoon.
Their chakras will take on new hues or begin to merge together as one.
They will begin to experience alterations within their psychical and
spiritual senses and their capacity to channel energy. For them the
ascension will be a very physical process. As with all growth they
will experience pain around those areas of the energy system that is
shifting. Sometimes the pain will be very physical although there is
no physical reality to it. Sometimes the pain will be very mental or
emotional in nature. They will feel very isolated and separated from
their world and want to leave. As the light of the soul shines more
greatly through them, cleansing and purging them and forcing itself
into _expression through their spiritual body, burning away the
negative traits of the ego and forcing them to stand more in their
power as a divinely realised being, they will seek to clamber back
into the spiritual world, finding the harsheties of their material
reality too difficult to bear. For these people there are certain
practices, certain objects that will benefit them greatly: working
with the Merkabah light body field will surround them not only in a
protective layer of energy but create a portable incubation field that
will stabilise, balance and catalyse the ascension transformation.
Working with Sugilite in order to form an extra powerful light field
of protective power and in order to call around them the magenta
rescue ray that will enable them to move through the process of
transformation more easily and also utilising the powers of Moldavite
to help, to encourage them to journey through the transformation with
grace and flow and to prevent them from feeling the symptoms of
desiring to leave the planet will be of great benefit.

For some the ascension process will be more to do with their
consciousness. They will not experience the aches and pains and the
shifts within their spiritual energetic bodies. They will experience
an expansion of their awareness, an alteration within their perception
and their mind. Not necessarily a psychical acceleration but more an
acceleration of understanding, of thought and comprehension. They
will become open to the truths of the universe, to the presence of the
Divine Mind, the supernal triangle. Temporarily they may experience
moments of blankness, forgetfulness, confusion, dizziness, moments of
recapitulation where they find themselves stuck in reverie thinking
about the past. This will be complimented by times of great clarity,
perception and mental power, the capacity to multitask, to juggle a
thousand different things in their head at the same time, an awareness
of other truths that they had been closed to previously. The
ascension of consciousness does not always either follow or precede
the ascension of the body. Sometimes people will experience both
simultaneously, sometimes one after the other but they are not
necessarily synonymous with each other. The ascension of
consciousness can be equally taxing and frightening but can also bring
the same amount of joy and liberation as the ascension of the energy
body does. It is once again dependent upon the nature of the soul.
The ascension of consciousness can also be eased by certain stones:
celestite, sapphire, aqua aura and platinum aura can aid in the
consciousness reconfiguring itself to take on the multidimensional
hues of energy that it is becoming exposed to. As the consciousness
becomes aligned with those parts of itself which exist within the five
spheres that separate the gap between Earth and Heaven, the individual
may need to lean upon azestulite, a stone which enables people to
become more attuned to their higher chakras in order for them to
integrate the consciousness of their higher states into one. They may
need to utilise visualisations such as the Hexagram of Light within
the brain, formed from two triangles initially created as one triangle
is drawn by linking the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus centres of
the brain together. They may need to work with other visualisations
that can be found within the systems of the Gaiadon Heart (previously
known as the Melchisadek Method) or by drawing upon other sacred
geometric forms like the Flower of Life made popular by Drunvalo
Melchizedek. There are at this moment in time many different
techniques, visualisations, stones and systems which can aid people in
their ascension processes. There are people trained as light body
surgeons who can aid in the facilitation of the transformation of the
energy body. There are light body psychologists who can aid in the
transformation of the consciousness of an individual.

In the angelic realm we prefer to keep things as simple as possible,
knowing that simplicity is closest to divinity, and as such in order
to aid mankind with their ascension process I was created. My light,
my presence, therefore can be invoked whenever anybody is experiencing
symptoms of ascension. My force can be called down around a person to
hold them within my presence so that my light, my consciousness, can
smooth and balance the body's energy fields and guide gently the
consciousness of the body to move in greater sync and harmony with the
higher self, bringing about the ascension shifts with much greater
ease and grace. My breath, my light, can breathe a space into the
mind so that the consciousness can find respite from the
transformations occurring within its nature. I can guide people to
the places, to the stones, to the visualisations, to the teachers and
the healers that they need. I can help them reacclimatise themselves
with their world so that they will not feel so much the desperation
that often descends when people require to leave the material plane
and re-enter into the higher spiritual realms of their origin. I can
provide people with energy, for energy is often lost when people enter
into their ascension shift and they can feel very tired and drained
indeed. I can reacclimatise people to the vibration of their
environment and reacquaint them with the vibration of their friends
and family so that they do not feel so fearful of these harsh
frequencies that they suddenly become exposed to. I can also be
called upon to guide those who would draw upon my light to help those
others who are experiencing these processes. My light, my wisdom, can
be channelled in order to heal, in order to point the way. My power
can be called upon to help all of those who find themselves evolving
in this way.

My name is Ishmael and I can be invoked through prayer, through the
simple recitation of my name, through its singing or its chanting or
by focusing upon those symbols that are connected to me. My colour is
the platinum white ray, a white ray that is filled with the soft
rainbow hues of the platinum aura crystal stone. My symbol is the
lightening bolt superimposed over the Tree of Life, representing the
descension of the Divine into the realm of matter. My sound is the
sound of light, the sound of a single, simple tone descending from a
high point to a low point, the descension of a scale of music, and
represents the lowering frequencies of the light of the Divine as it
moves closer and closer into the physical planes of consciousness and
body. I have come at this time in order to clarify, in order to
illuminate, in order to bring ease. My presence is not to glamorise
the process, for at times it is difficult to endure, but equally I
have not come forward to isolate those who are not experiencing these
changes. Ascension is a process of life and existence but we must not
envy those who journey through this state if we ourselves do not. We
must not look upon ourselves and consider that we are lagging behind,
that we are unworthy of this state of change. We must content
ourselves with who and what are and acknowledge that each part of the
process is valid, is unique to who and what we are. It cannot be
stimulated above and beyond the rhythm or meter that is beaten out by
the soul's decree and should not be desired with envy or jealousy but
rather looked to as an inevitable attainment as part of the natural
flow and cycle of existence and life. Each phase of life is
beautiful, designed by the Divine to be enjoyed. With each change and
transformation that occurs something is gained and something is lost.
Innocence maybe or the capacity to enjoy life simply without the
deeper repercussions of understanding the finer nuances and details of
synchronicity and eventuality. It is very important then that each
and every human being tries within their circumstances to enjoy the
place in which they find themselves and not to hanker for that that
will naturally follow but to stay within the moment and embrace it
when it comes.

Children of the new dawn, humankind who stand on the cusp of
evolution, I leave you with this simple prayer:

"I call upon the light of ascension, the platinum white ray. I call
upon the power of natural and organic spiritual growth. I open myself
to the light of the Divine and my "I Am" presence. I invoke it. I
call it down into my heart. Purge and clear me of all that that I am
ready to release. Of all that that I have surpassed and no longer
have need of, be it thoughts or feelings, be it memories or energies
within my spiritual and physical bodies. Shine through me, light of
the soul, light of the higher self, light of the "I Am". Purge me,
transform me, remake me in the image of the Divine Source. Grant me
ascension in accordance with the right time of the universe. Let me
be free. Let me be free. Let me be free."

Go forwards in love and trust with the greater grace and goodness of
the Divine. So mote it be.

Distributed by Carole Humber: carole@sanctuaryofsophia.eclipse.co.uk.
Tel: 020 8337 4122.
Website www.edwincourtenay.co.uk
Ave de Prata (OP)
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05/01/2006 01:52 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
" There are people trained as light body
surgeons who can aid in the facilitation of the transformation of the
energy body. "


The Hosts of Heaven from Operation
Terra ? Probably.
Ave de Prata (OP)
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05/01/2006 02:36 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
" The hour of wonder is upon you, beloved. That wonderful hour of turning toward the things of the living God, as He shows forth His might and majesty. You will not be disappointed in the outcome. "

Terrans, it will not be years away !

The hour of wonder, which Jesus says
it is upon us is His return, the
Warning of Garabandal, the BRE, and the lifting of the First and Second Waves.

World Cup, Brazil - zil - zil.
And Sananda returns.



Marianna, Florida

The Turning of Hearts

April, 30, 2006

I am turning hearts back toward the Beloved. I am recapturing what is Mine. Know that My work is progressing nicely, according to My schedule. Rejoice in this wonderful truth, for I have looked on My beloved with a longing to draw you close. I have expertly applied that wonderful balm of healing on any heart that would let Me, and you will rejoice in this final hour.

I have spoken My truth over My beloved. I have sung songs – sweet songs – of deliverance. You will see the might and power of the Lord your God. You will stand strong in My truth, and you will see a validation of My words arrive in your heart – your entire being.

I am speaking My words of truth over you, My beloved, and I mean them with all of My heart. I mean them with every fabric of My being, and you will stand strong in My cause forever. For the Lord God Almighty has spoken His kind intent toward His beloved, and He will not be denied the wonder of His truth as it explodes in the midst of His children. No! He will NOT be denied His truth shining forth for those whose hearts have yearned for Him and turned back to Him intent on serving – intent on seeing His will proclaimed in their lives.

The hour of wonder is upon you, beloved. That wonderful hour of turning toward the things of the living God, as He shows forth His might and majesty. You will not be disappointed in the outcome. You will not be disappointed in My plans, for they are good and they are done by My expert hand for such a time as this – such a time when My truth explodes in the midst of My beloved, offering new hope and peace in what I have planned – what I am offering to any heart that will turn back to Me – turn back to Me with everything that is in you – turn back to Me and receive all that I have to offer – wonders upon wonders – treasure beyond anything on earth – the wonder of My eternal love and all it encompasses is waiting for any heart that will turn back to Me!!!

You say, “But Lord, I don’t quite understand how to do this. I don’t quite understand what you are asking.” I tell you, beloved, that I am asking that you speak those words of repentance and acceptance to Me. Repentance for all that you have sought after that was not of Me, and acceptance of My will for you. All will fall into place. All will certainly fall into place for any heart that will turn toward Me, speaking those words of love with a willingness to comply with My heart. Yes! All will certainly fall into place at the speaking of these words that I long to hear from you!!!


« Reply #35 on: May 1st, 2006, 9:43am »

The Promise of My Presence

May 1, 2006

Dear beloved, I told you that I would never leave you or forsake you. I gave you My Spirit to comfort you and teach you My truths. I have told you that I delight in You. I take delight in all that you are – all that you are to Me. I have told you that My wish is to bless you abundantly. What better gift can the living God give His beloved? What better gift can He give than His presence abiding deep within?

I tell you truly that there are those who don’t know Me – who don’t know My abiding presence. The enemy has duped them. They have been led astray. They think that the living God does not express Himself to His chosen. They think that I am from a bygone era. But that is false! I am just as alive and active in My children’s lives as I was in days of old – as I was in the fiery furnace with My sons, Shadrack, Meshach and Abed-nego, as I was on the road to Damascus with Paul, and as I was in that upper room with My followers. Yes! I am just as much alive and just as involved in My children’s lives. Hear the word of the Lord telling you of a new day – a new day of wonder that I have planned for My followers:

I am opening a river of wonder for those who would care to jump in with Me. I want you to know that I am making a promise to you just as I did in days of old, and it is this: I, as your eternal God, am equipping you to move faster in this stream of life that I have so aptly prepared for these last days. I am enabling you to know My presence in a wondrous new way, hearing My voice with clarity, and responding to My wishes with great expertise.

This I declare to you! I am making vast inroads in hearts, offering peace and protection like you have never experienced. Yes, the enemy has his dander up, but the living God has prepared a place – a glorious stream of new life – for those who will jump in – for those who will surrender in this hour and partake of His goodness.

These words I speak to you, My beloved, because it delights Me to bless you. It delights Me to move you forward rapidly, and it delights Me to see you in the mainstream of My work, performing mightily on My behalf, and proclaiming that your God lives – He lives mightily within your precious heart!!!
Glowing Eye

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United Kingdom
05/01/2006 04:45 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
The time is coming for the real not practice of stepping into the Phire Realm...Pillar of Fire......be prepared.....NO ATTACHMENTS.....

Facing the Dragon....when it gnarles....it is near....Glowing Eye...
Glowing Eye

User ID: 87462
United Kingdom
05/01/2006 04:51 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Thanks Ave do need grounding....moving all at one time....
Glowing Eye

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United Kingdom
05/03/2006 04:25 AM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it

Searching for answers to question...you talk about stepping into the fire....what happens if you have already experienced a fire implosion years ago...and that you did not leave your body literally and go somewhere else permently but came back and still walk the earth alive....I AM HERE....it is mentioned in a book that it happens the once....are we talking about complete death or another death kind...

Or am I very few people.....as I was sent back....for some other reason - purpose....

For all the Children of Light....Glowing Eye....
Glowing Eye

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05/03/2006 04:35 AM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Does not matter...for answers will come from GOD direct...not from anyone else....for GOD is way and the only way...nobody else....for GOD is one GOD...for GOD filters the web...a conscious web....a GOLDEN WEB....that the Children of Light walk through the needle of the eye of GOD...that GOD is everywhere...that GOD is space...that GOD has Purpose...that GOD is direction..That GOD is gravity....That GOD is thought...that nothing matters...and that matter is nothing....that nothing becomes matter...that the Children of Light align in the web.....
User ID: 54772
05/03/2006 05:09 AM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Hi Ave. I quoted a part from the Ashtar Message:
"We are
easily identified at night for we station between you and orbiting
stars and planets that we have constant surveillance. Most will
appear no different than a star. We effort at showing our
presence to our Earth-based workers for confirmation of our
presence. We will soon be moving into your visible consciousness."
Some months ago, I participated right here at GLP about a moving object I am seeing at between 8 to 8:30 every night. Saw the object several nights in a row. After that much observation/analysis and comparing with what others have seen, I came to the conclusion that the kind of object I'd seen in Western sky every night was not a star nor a planet but a huge spaceship. I commented then that "the thing seems only to be showing itself to give notice of its presence". Maybe this is the same object as Ashtar mentioned.

Su Amigo

Ave de Prata (OP)
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05/04/2006 12:02 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Glowing Eye, it seems you received
some sort of Initiation by Fire.

Searcher, dear amigo, yes, this object
you and others have seen can very well be one of the motherships of Ashtar Command.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/04/2006 05:43 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Glowing Eye

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05/05/2006 03:59 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Through the God of Light!!!!!,

Why would I be chosen for Initiation of Fire...for I am just a person of many people here on Earth....I did not attend any classes to initiate this fire at that time....What does this intiation really mean?....what is ahead of me....I have seen the dragon trying to frighten me.....it nears......

Namaste...Children of Light...
Glowing Eye

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05/05/2006 04:03 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
2002...someone was at Avebury by the way...or was it 2001 by the big head stone...thought I was in some sort of time warp...thought I let you know...there were gathering of people....sat by a guy dressed as Jesus...had to LOL!!! Sorry....Not sorry, NOT JOKING EITHER...I saw this person as I drove through Avebury....could this be Sanada.....AVE
Glowing Eye

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05/06/2006 11:06 AM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Guess there is no need to ask...the answers are already answered....that problems already have a solution...a path to all roads...

Anonymous Coward
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05/15/2006 12:50 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it

Hmmm...you might be onto something with the World cup idea. At first I thought "no way", but then some strange signs started showing up around me about it. Any other messages you've found on it lately?
Anonymous Coward
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05/26/2006 11:33 AM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Calling AdP, Calling AdP,

Ya' out there...?
Ave de Prata (OP)
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05/31/2006 09:42 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Glowing Eye, I will comment later.

Ac, this is just a possibility, the
coming of Jesus during the World Cup,
since He said would be coming in
a day of great celebration upon Earth
not for Him.

There is Jennifer last message too,
"when the Earth begins to show signs
of new life a sign will rise in East ",
this seems to point Spring for the
Warning of Garabandal.

I am no more interested in discovering
the exact date of events.

Just waiting and studying the classics
on Ascension ( Bible, Keys of Enoch,
Project World Evacuation, Crystal Stair,
Operation Terra and Catholic and
Evangelic messages ).

Here goes one message from Jesus,
I will post more later.


Recent Message given to Valentina - 7 May 2006

Messages and Visions Received from
God the Father, our Lord Jesus,

Mary our Blessed Mother, Many

Saints & Angels

As given to Valentina Papagna
Valentina Papagna migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1955 from Slovenia
after experiencing difficult times in her early years. In 1988 two
years after the sudden death of her husband, Valentina began to
receive visions and messages from our Lord Jesus and Mary our Blessed
Mother. >From this time on her life changed from being an average
Catholic to one more devout.

Valentina is a Roman Catholic in good standing, who has the full
support of her Spiritual director and parish priest, Father Valerian
Jenko OFM. She wishes to share her experiences and messages only to
help people come closer to God and to grow in holiness as Jesus and
Mary desire.

Now a grandmother, she lives a quiet and simple family life, seeking
to avoid publicity for herself yet compelled to proclaim the messages
given to her which she knows is not for her self alone. Valentina is
frequently invited into private homes where in a prayerful family
gathering she shares and witnesses to God's blessings of peace. Many
confirmations attest that lives are changed, hearts touched and people
are encouraged to seek Gods grace through this witness.

Valentina's website:


7th MAY, 2006

In St Margaret Mary's Church, Merrylands. This morning, during Mass
and making offerings, our Lord Jesus appeared, and lamented, "The
people in the world are sinking into terrible sin and it is getting
worse. My Sacred Heart is more and more offended and it is pierced to
a very deep wound. It bleeds of sorrow."

Now He explained, "Sin is like a thick, dark smoke and it is rising
all the way to Heaven."

I was shown a vision of a city with many smoke stacks rising from it.
As the smoke from them rose up it changed from white to a thick black
smoke which represents sin.

Our Lord told me, "The smoke coming from the smoke stacks is as it
comes from a furnace when burning wet fuel. The people of this world
only think of money and how to possess material goods. They use My
name in vain to make their riches and wealth, and filthy stories and
all kinds of false tales to make themselves wealthy.

They spread false prophecies to the people. Even in My churches, My
name is used many times in vain to raise filthy money. They will find
any excuse to do this, instead of preaching and teaching of My love
and true word. My laws are all denied." (Ten Commandments)

"How falsely they are lead by the devil and it is accepted everywhere
in the world."

He looked at me and said, "My child, I am full of love and mercy, but
how long can I permit humanity to go on and continue like this? The
innocent people are suffering. They are confused as in the time of

"The lies that are put into their ears! They don't know what is right
or wrong any more, but let the people know that the day of the Lord is
nearer and nearer and My judgement is severe when I will send a fire
from Heaven which will consume two thirds of the population and no one
will be able to extinguish the fire. The evil ones will be consumed
once and for all."

"Tell My faithful that I am preparing a new world for My people. It
will be like a new creation for those who love Me. They will sing
praising songs to the Lord and God. They will be grateful and thankful
for what I have done for them. For this reason you must call Me. Pray
and call Me to come. The more you call Me, the quicker I will come."

"Tell them to confess. Go often to confession. The more you confess
the less power satan has over you. Trust Me, My children."

Our Lord refers every message to His Divine Mercy and asks us to
recite daily prayers for His Mercy and protection, and Our Lady's
Rosary against evil. Pray for the conversion of sinners.

Don't lose hope in whatever you experience in these end times. Call on
our Lord and His Blessed Mother to help and strengthen you.


Seers 2

[link to groups.yahoo.com]
Ave de Prata (OP)
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06/01/2006 01:30 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Important excerpt:

"...let the people know that the day of the Lord is
nearer and nearer and My judgement is severe when I will send a fire
from Heaven which will consume two thirds of the population and no one
will be able to extinguish the fire. The evil ones will be consumed
once and for all."


Compare this with Lyara's vision,


Received in March, 1982

Then my teacher said, "Ask them [my guides] to show you what there is to see."

I said out loud, "Show me what there is to see." On my "mental screen" (eyes closed), I saw what looked like a movie screen roll down. First the screen was blank. Next to it, I saw a Chinese gentleman. He had long mustaches and was wearing a long robe. He unrolled a long scroll, which was a checklist of the "duties" that had to be performed [i.e. the things that had to happen]. As he began to consult the scroll, my attention was drawn to the screen, where I saw a globe shape take form. As I drew closer to the globe, I knew that I was looking at the Earth.

I saw a grey, pointed mountain with a green slope in front of it. The mountain blew up (erupted) and opened a rift down its side that spread forward, opening a crevasse in the ground in front of it. Then I saw a full moon over the ocean. The wind began blowing very hard, whipping up foam and huge waves on the oceans. [Note: the scenes "dissolved" into one another, and I was only conscious of what I was seeing, and of describing it to my teacher, who made notes as I talked.] Tall trees were being blown over. I saw people running, frightened, screaming. Large cities toppled over, tall buildings just giving way. The sky behind was red from the burning--everything was burning. I saw what looked like a man holding his child and struggling up a steep slope, trying to escape, but sliding back down each time. There was no escape. All was confusion, greyness... there was a tremendous amount of confusion...

(As I peered into all this confusion, suddenly I understood: "There's not enough love, [teacher]! There's not enough love!)

In the midst of the confusion, with all the people [dressed] in grey running about, here and there people clothed in white robes began appearing. This was happening all over the world. Wherever they appeared, centers of calm occurred in the confusion. They began appearing in greater and greater numbers now, like popcorn when it begins to pop. They were calm in the midst of the confusion, giving blessing, their presence soothing and calming those around them. (The phrase came in, "They are centers for calm and blessing.") Order began taking form out of the chaos; the ones in white began to form columns, like waveforms--herding, gathering the ones in grey, calming them into steadily moving groups, herding them into an orderly procession, climbing up into the openings of vast hovering vehicles. It was a massive, world-wide exodus... a tremendous undertaking... .

I drew back into space, where I beheld the Earth hanging in the sky. The Earth slowed and stopped, throwing off the water from its surface in great white clouds. It hung motionless for a moment, then rolled over like a top, and began spinning on a different axis...

Most of the people who had been taken off the Earth were carried to other parts of the solar system and Universe to complete their lives. After the Earth had time to heal, about 10% of the people were brought back to a large planet to be equipped for their return to Earth. This included reprogramming of their consciousness, as well as equipping them with clothing, supplies, and technology. None of the "old" pattern was to be reintroduced to the "New Earth."

The "New Earth" is polished, gleaming, like mother-of-pearl. There is great gleaming light everywhere. It is now reinhabited. The sky is incredibly blue. I hear this beautiful music, which I know is the "music of the spheres." The plants are bright and joyous; they exult in the shining light and the clean air. The people move in quiet joy, radiantly being there. Everyone and everything is completely, blissfully conscious of their direct connectedness to the Creator.

Now I see Christ on his throne... incredible love streaming forth... how much there is... we don't have to be limited... He will be with me throughout all this... I am surrounded by his love, his blue-white light... I feel so small... "only if ye be as a little child."... I am totally enfolded in his love.

I could not speak for some time afterward, so strong had been that experience of being totally enfolded in Christ's love.

(The thoughts come)... Meanwhile, be in a prayerful attitude, feeling gladly serving. Attitude is the most important thing; the nature of the activity doesn't matter. Be in an attitude of readiness... I'll be called... Be ready when the call comes... incredible amount of Love... cherishing... .

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The Zetas explain that too, the
imploding cities, erupting volcanoes, and the tail of PX full of petrochemical gases.

This scenario is the Third Phase of
planetary evacuation, just prior the Pole Shift.

At this point, the First and Second
Wavers will be returning to lead the
Third Wave safely to the ships before
the Pole Shift.

Ave de Prata (OP)
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06/01/2006 02:16 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it

In May 15, 2006 I heard a voice during
dreams who said:

" The lifting has not occurred yet
because the Karmic Board has not allowed, for the participants still
have Karma to balance "


I think that this explain all.
The attempts of the Hosts to make the
lifting, since this is their task, but
the impossiblity due the Karma of the
participants that must be balanced first.

To me this is clear now:

"We announced a change in plans last year that would have speeded things up considerably. Now other circumstances have occurred that you are not aware of just yet that require yet another change in plans, one that will resuldont_use_thisl being on the ground even longer than was anticipated originally."

And this also:

" The “event” will occur, but not until later. These clearings you are going through now are part of the process. They are stripping away every last bit of energies that would be incompatible with your identity and existence in 4D, and there are no shortcuts through this process. "

( from Private Message February 25,2006)

[link to www.operationterra.com]

Therefore, Terran, this is our situation. Let's prepare to continue the cleansing of our negative Karma and let's avoid to make new ones, acting in loving ways.

Then when our Karma will be zeroed,
the lifting will happen, and also the merging with our 4D bodies, which are
already functional, since the surgery
for the First and Second Waves already
have been done, although they remain in suspension with regard linear time.

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06/01/2006 08:00 PM
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Re: Operation Terra only for those who still are interested in it
Kairos Transport Ministries
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The Corrections Bring Forth The New Directions

May 31, 2006

The corrections bring forth the new directions that I have for My people. But many chafe at the bit when I bring correction. It is not comfortable to change, as it brings death to the soul and flesh. But it is necessary in order for the new direction that is before you to be navigated. Many grumble, complain, and are critical at every step. I will no longer listen to them.

So many also run ahead of me and wind up falling due to being unprepared for the weightier course. If you are not fully aligned with Me, and have all of the areas in your life corrected that need to be, then the course will only bring disaster to your walk. The foundation must be laid, but the maturity to handle the new authority and position is not formed within.

Only I can forge a weapon for use in the battles that lie ahead.

Now it is time for the New Directions to be given, for the corrections that I have been bringing are now being finished in this hour. It is time for the advancement to come, and the transition of My Body to the forefront. No longer will My People be down trodden, abused, and maligned. It is time for Justice and Truth to be served.

Take your hands off of the reins and allow Me to bring you fully through into the next phase. Everyone that fully does this, will know what walking in My full measure and stature means. For I am not holding back from those who are Mine anymore. You know this. Now walk fully in it.

Leave men’s opinions to Me, and follow My Voice.

Much responsibility comes as the obedient ones respond to Me, but much more of My Weight will be seen upon them. All that is given to Me is Mine, and becomes My Vessel for My Use, as I do things for even greater purposes than men can foresee. I move in many dimensions that men have no knowledge of, nor can be naturally comprehended, for I am Eternal Spirit. I created time for fallen men, but I am reconciling all things in the final transitions to come. So, the corrections are finishing, and the new directions open before you now.

Listen now and take heed, for new things to come upon the winds of My Spirit.

Just as the shaking is increasing in the created world, so the spiritual shaking breaks forth more forcefully too. Nothing in the earth has even born the full weight of My Presence yet, but even so, it comes. Men, what will you do, as My Glory comes?

Woe to those who criticize My Glory and mock the vessels marked with My Name.

For I Am Jealous for My Name and for My People.

I will be glorified in both.

Rapture Now

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