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Message Subject How to banish a ghost cat?
Poster Handle Dr. House
Post Content
So I've recently moved into a new apartment, except the apartment is 30 years old. For a while I thought I had a ghost but its looking more likely that its a ghost cat! I've read a lot of different ways to banish ghosts and have tried many of them... but how do you banish a ghost cat?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1087161


Ghosts are either a record playing back an event, over and over and over again, in which case the players are unaware that they are dead and they are trapped in that scene.

Or it is soul "trapped" on this earthly plane.

Many reasons to be trapped, usually we think it is unfinished business.

Spirits of once living beings should not be banished not unless that spirit is malevolent.

If it is just a trapped spirit you need to figure out why it is trapped and help it find resolution.

Mind Ghost animals can be spirit animals. It is possible that this is not a dead cat that has been 'trapped' in the physical world as spirit form after death, instead this is a spirit animal that has business to attend.

If this is the case and you are seeing the spirit animal it is most likely your Totem.

Totem Spirits are not something one banishes, instead they either have a message for you or are there to guide you and even protect you from malevolent spirit entities.

If the cat is doing no harm, leave it be.

If there is 'distress' in the atmosphere when you see the cat, try to get a sense of what that distress is.

If you have had other experiences that feel like an attack (not from the cat) then you have a much more serious problem on your hands and 'banishing' the cat is a mistake.
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