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Message Subject How to banish a ghost cat?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
LOL some funny replies which is to be expected I spose.. it is GLP afterall.

It's not causing me any harm but it makes a lot of noise at night. Climbing on all my furniture and stuff I just hear lots of noises at night coming from within my own apartment that can't be explained as anything else. I think I managed to accidentally trap it in the bathroom one time because I heard it scratching at the door for ages. Another time I flicked my bed sheets to get some dirt off them and I must have flicked the cat onto the desk opposite! because my desk suddenly made a lot of noise for no apparent reason!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1087161

well pet it! i would love to have some of my furry family members around that have passed! Unless they should be elsewhere. My guess is you are being given some sort of special attention and message, could even be a guide from the spirit realms.

Also, the changes coming on now, are releasing all sorts of "entities" and thought forms entrapped long in the earth. give them a lot of light if they persist.
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