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Nuclear Fusion Fission Hybrid Reactor to Destroy Waste (articles)

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United States
03/14/2011 03:53 PM
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Nuclear Fusion Fission Hybrid Reactor to Destroy Waste (articles)
Nuclear power - climatePlutonium is fabricated with uranium oxide as 'MOX' fuel which can be burnt in existing reactors. Fusion Fission Hybrid reactor ...
www.climateandfuel.com/pages/fission.htm - Cached -

FuturePundit: Nuclear Fusion Fission Hybrid Reactor To Destroy WasteJan 31, 2009 ... The fusion-produced neutrons augment the fission reaction, ... of it all may lead to a full-court press of PUREX recycling, MOX burnup, ...
www.futurepundit.com/archives/005926.html - Cached -

Nuclear Fusion-Fission Hybrid Could Eliminate Nuclear Waste And ...Jan 28, 2009 ... The idea behind the compact Fusion-Fission Hybrid is that fusion can be ... Valanju says a fusion-fission hybrid reactor has been an idea in ...
nuclearstreet.com ... Nuclear Power Industry News