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Message Subject I have been contacted by Ets my whole life, I have also had missing time. I also have a lot of UFO footage that I have filmed myself.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
YOu say yu have been contacted by ET.

May I ask why

A: they chose you to speak to you

They speak to all that are listening, Im nothing special in that regard. I would say the beggining of communication beginns when you really start to pay attention to Sychronicity. the more you pay attention and BELIEVE, the more it will grow untill there will be no doubt that there is communication happening. Then the "real" learning starts.

B: what was said to you

I had learned to write down my thought long ago, it makes ideas come together in an organized way, I had wrote down what I had learned, this "Diary" became the liner notes behind my Cd "Frozen Thought". here is a link from my web site regarding this info....
[link to www.michaelleehill.com]

c: what you thought of them contacting you

It is my honor
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