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Message Subject I have been contacted by Etīs my whole life, I have also had missing time. I also have a lot of UFO footage that I have filmed myself.
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Minn. UFO energy zappers Huh? I believe you though It is more than likely notintentional. From what I understend these craft use the Earths Magnetic Field Ley Lines for power & if they get close can cause tranformers to blow because of the Crafts effects. Remember the Black Out of the Eastern United States and Canada?

Well, I live in Eastlake, OH. We were in the black out zone. the whole black out was actually pinpointed back to my Hometown of Eastlake. Here is the link for the proof...

[link to www.cbsnews.com]

That day of the black out, Me and a friend were sitting in my backyard just enjoying the day, I seen the strangest thing, it looked like a solid black shape that was changing shape as it flew by at a real fast rate, It flew up my neighbor driveway, I remember saying to my buddy, "I just seen the strangest thing, I told him it looked like someone threw a black towel through the air, that was about the size and shape of it. And that was that (This isnīt the weird part :-)

I went onto work (teaching guitar) which is when I found out about the black out. That night my same buddy stopped over and we were sitting in the backyard again checking out the stars when my buddy says "Hey, Do you have Wolfie outside (Wolfie is my dog) I said no I donīt think so. Then he said, well what the hell is that? Pointing into the backyard. It did look like the shape of a somewhat black Dog sitting down.

It was about ten feet from us was a black shape, around two 1/2 feet high, I thought maybe a had let my dog out and just forgot so I got up and Yelled "Wolfie!, Well the shape didnīt budge, Wolfie usually comes whenever I call so I yelled again, Nothing, the third time I raised my voice a little more.

To both mine and my friends surprise the shape kinda morphed and stood up becoming around three feet tall hobbit looking Gnome, or Troll looking creature. I know this is a stretch for most peopleīs belief systems, I actually never thought Gnomes existed myself before this visit.

It Slowly walked about 8 feet over to the right, kinda hobbling back and forth as it walked, right in back of my garage. Itīs face took up 1/3 of itīs body size with long bushy flowing hair behind it, you could make out itīs facial/body silhouette very easily.

Well my friend about crapped himself, I was almost in shock or something, My buddy said "That looked like a garden troll came to life and walked away.

I regained my mind, within 10 seconds a went and looked behing my garage, from the other side of the backyard! I slowly walked over there, & Nothing, it was gone which is strange because my yard is fenced in, if it climbed the fence we would have heard it.
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