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Message Subject I have been contacted by Etīs my whole life, I have also had missing time. I also have a lot of UFO footage that I have filmed myself.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Helloe Michael! Nice to have you here. My question is have they given you any indication when first contact will happen on a massive level?? Thanks,

I feel very very soon, Just look up for a while the next clear night you get, really look up, for a few hours and tell me what you see. I believe the Mexico mass sightings and Defense Dept infra-red footage is a nice way to get the ball rolling.

Also what type of Etīs - Sorry if you have already said.

Well, I have memories of Greys in my past,
but no visits from them in years since my child hood, I remember as a child thinking they were santīs elveīs, thatīs all I could relate them too, Etīs & UFOīs were not that "BIG" when I was growing up, Iīm 37 now by the way. The other Etīs have looked like Humanīs, these contacts happen in altered states of Conciousness, Meditation, OBE, ETC, not in the physical. Then as I said, I seen a Gnome, there was no communication (That I know of)

I was visited by a person claiming to be a ET while I was filming UFOīs! But if this guy was an ET, Iīm dissapointed, he seemed like he was really "On something", he also told me of all these incarnations he had been, A 16th century Vampire! Jimmy Hoffa, And a chinese Dog. I actually felt my life was in danger during that visit. As I was filming a Ball of light, He says "You know, some secrets go to the grave with you" I hadnīt even told him what I was filming. But I have that guy on Tape, the whole encounter. It was kinda strange because I had been seeing & filming triangular craft over Lake Erie, This guy says..."Wow, you see that Triangular craft out there?" I looked and I couldnīt see anything. He went on..."Look at the Neon Colors, now thatīs space age!"

That sparked my curiosity because i hadnīt been really too talkative cause as I said, This guy showed up out of nowhere, climbed some rocks to get to where I was and really got to close and really in my own personal space.

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