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Message Subject I have been contacted by Etīs my whole life, I have also had missing time. I also have a lot of UFO footage that I have filmed myself.
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>>do you think the debunkers need to take a harder look before really getting stuck into your stuff, or do you think they all work for the cia<<

I donīt really care what they think, But with that being said. when Christopher Columbus first reached land, the natives could not see his
ships because the concept of the large ships did not exist to them. Only after several days did a medicine man first see the ships (after studying the waves) and then showed each of the other natives that they did exist, I then the Natives could see the ships because they trusted the Medicine Man. The concept put forth is that we can only see what fits in our world view. Itīs also presented in the movie "What the blepp do we know" and for those of you who havnīt seen the film, drop whatever you are doing right now and get to the nearest Blockbuster :-)

Anyhow, The same holdīs true for UFOīs
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