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time is a steadily moving line. so what?

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03/16/2011 07:17 PM
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time is a steadily moving line. so what?
Well, so this means that there is absolute zero, or no movement! This means there is electrons that move as fast as you can!

This rationally explains why there is absolute zero and electrons.

It is because time steadily moving line that can not be moved backward.

In other words, there are limits on movement. Simply because time is an energy gradient(changing or at a standstill) or moving line.

Things inside of time(matter, energy) can not move backward, only forward, or, if you are an electron, you can stand still in time until you encounter a black hole.

It seems to me like matter was created for the sole purpose of energies destruction OR change(if energy can not be destroyed). the accumulation of matter results in a accumulation of energy(supernova) so great that all forms of particles are gathered into the whole.