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Message Subject O.M.G > Illuminati Card Game Shows Japan Earthquake Was Planned !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
about this other card of the cardgame, the tidal wave...

[link to bayimg.com]

people were discussing, i think maybe on ats, what that structure might be, and here on glp and elsewhere there is this other prediction or crazyness that there might be a quake (thus maybe generating a tsunami/wave as well again) in the near future in/near california, maybe in the ocean, thus creating the wave which also might hit the californian coast.

well whatever, i just recently due to the japanese atomic situation have seen some documentary about nuclear power in the united states over the past decades, various powerplants and structures/buildings of various u.s. places were being shown briefly.

if im not totally insane or going crazy i think i have seen a very similar structure and building like that one on the cardgame card for the tidal wave, and that structure belonged to one of the atomic power plants on some coast.

as there is only coasts on the west and mainly the east of the mainland usa, one might think its some californian location.

anyone have pictures of powerplants of the u.s. maybe mainly in california, or recognize that structure of some visits or something?

i am pretty sure that it was in this documentary, only i dont remember any more what nuclear site it belonged to exactly.

anyways, maybe just as a hint for people to track it down if it makes sense and if there is a slight possibility.

btw, about google image search, wasnt there some experimental feature or a different searchengine on the web somewhere where you could upload your own binary picture and it would then show you search results that are similar to the one you have uploaded or linked to. find similar pictures technology or the like.

maybe this whole cardgame imagery could be tracked down more easily and candidates be found when using such a technology of image search.

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