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Message Subject F**K WELFARE and the ONES WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!
Poster Handle Dundas
Post Content
We are paying reperations and taxes for welfare is how the white man pays for it all.

We the working class are slaves to the lazy no good ghetto trash as without us paying for their lavish lifestyles they would die of starvation as they would not know how to survive without welfare.

I know how you feel, I work construction and have worked with fractured ankle , broken ribs, and roofing with broken ribs is a real bitch..
 Quoting: Nailer45

My cousin also laid tile and he had a crushed disc in his back. He would literally bite down on his wallet as he was red as fire and sweating and lay tile for 15 hours. His leg had sciatica so bad he would literally DRAG it along carrying 70 pound buckets of mortar up flights of stairs. When the pain would get too bad he'd LITERALLY PUKE in his mortar bucket, and try and joke about 'putting himself into his work'.

Then when we hit the store we see young, strapping ghetto trash using their stamps for hot pockets. Hopping in their cars rolling on $2000 rims and $2000 stereos.
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