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Message Subject F**K WELFARE and the ONES WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You do realise that your income taxes don't pay for welfare or anything else for that matter. Income tax goes directly to forgeign debt (i.e the federal reserve).
Welfare, roads, schools, health, everything else is paid for by taxes on other things like school fees, motor registration etc.

Learn how the system works before you rant about idiotic things, dumbass
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1126223

Oh bullshit. You're nitpicking it in your favor. Are you really gonna sit there and say that our massive welfare state would stay intact WITHOUT tax payer money? GTFO
 Quoting: Dundas

Contrary to what you may think, public assistance is actually corporate welfare. Every dollar of public assistance that the middle class and poor receive is spent in 30 days or less. So who ends up with the money?

The large corporations get the money when people use it to buy food, clothing, fuel, electricity, and durable goods. The day you cut off public assistance for the poor will be the day before the bloating corporate reptiles start going broke.

Also, if you cut public assistance to the poor, what are the poor supposed to do for work, take your job maybe for less than what you make? That's what will happen. Public assistance makes you worth more, not less; just think about it.

If you want to bitch about people getting money for nothing, why not turn your attention to the bloodsuckers in the Wall Street banks, they've gotten trillions just for demanding it! They got the fucking money so that their billion dollar asset plans wouldn't shrink to only 500 million. Oh, the horrah! And that's not all. The giant corporations get by with little or even no tax because of the loop holes that they enjoy, they even get write offs for sending jobs overseas.

However, Fox News wants you to focus on the little people, they want you to believe that they are the ones fucking you. You're getting fucked by the bloating plutocrat billionaires that run our government and rob our Treasury.

I appreciate the fact that you work hard, I've worked hard my whole life too. However, I actually enjoy working hard and I feel sorry for people that don't know the satisfaction of getting a bunch of work done. I also want to get paid appropriately for it, because I do good work and I'm very reliable. Not for a minute am I ever envious or jealous of someone on public assistance, because it's not much money anyway. I sure as hell wouldn't trade what I'm doing to live that way, for that little. Fuck it, they can have it.
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