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Message Subject F**K WELFARE and the ONES WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!
Poster Handle Underdog
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My husband came home from the grocery store in a fit the other night. The couple in front of him were arguing with the cashier about what their stamps would and would not cover. He said he almost slapped some money in front of them as if to say, "here, take the rest of it."

I have a different feeling about it, however. I believe people who are immersed in the welfare mentality really do not see any way out. That reality becomes so entrenched for them, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don't believe they are sitting around laughing at those of us who work for a living. They see no way out, and so there is no way out.

I'm not saying this should make it alright, but it does offer an explanation other than 'everyone on welfare is a scumbag.'
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