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Message Subject F**K WELFARE and the ONES WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!
Poster Handle Dundas
Post Content
The federal reserve notes you work for everyday are worth nothing. Well, actually it does have about 1-2 cents of cotton and ink value. Your only taxed to give that worthless dollar value. See the anger it stirs in you? They print it every day. What they spend has NO correlation to what they spend. None. If it did, there could never be a national debt. Much less at 14 trillion dollar national debt. Now you paying taxes and getting pissed off (and giving their shit paper value) is your problem. Not the ones receiving welfare. But, by giving the welfare checks, the government takes most of the anger you would have towards the government and places it on the welfare recipient. Seems to be working like a charm don't it? Read 12USC411. Just google it, that will cheer you up some.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1243346

We can go on and on about the fiat money system......but that don't change the fact that i gotta get up tomorrow and work and make the fiat money to pay my real bills that will take the fiat money as payment.

My thread is not about that- it's about lazy leeches putting nothing into the fiat system but getting plenty out of it.
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