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Message Subject Portland Oregon Police Torture mother and 9 year old daughter!! Why do we not have open rebellion yet? This could be your 9 year old Child!!!
Poster Handle locomotion nli
Post Content
On the surface, appears to be yet another case of Oregon´s Child Protective Services run amok. I had some dealings with this group some years back in Oregon (as part of the legal representation for a minor) I can verify that as an agency, they abuse the trust and powers vested in them by the public. The child´s welfare was the very last thing on their list of priorities, maintaining ´control´ (read power) was of most importance. I also received vague and not so vague threats from the head of Children´s Services in our county, a thoroughly disagreeable man who almost had his finger bitten off as he wagged it in my face after one court hearing that didn´t go as he had wished. Incredible!!
Publicity for this woman is her only hope.

Bumping for the truth ~
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